Rescue Japanese Beetle Trap #2 Video

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I bought another Japanese Beetle trap Tuesday afternoon. Within three seconds the first beetle was in the trap. I looked out into the yard north of the shade bed and I could see Japanese Beetles coming out of the grass and heading toward the trap.

I decided to make this video…



The first trap hasn’t been getting as much activity since I put up the second one. Most of the beetles were coming from that area in the first place because of the Chinese Elms.

Wednesday morning a man came to recharge the AC and he wanted to see the traps. So, I showed him the first one then we went to the new one. Beetles were coming from everywhere but there weren’t that many in the trap yet.

Then at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon…




I went to get a bag to empty the trap, but on my way, I stopped to check the first bag…


Hmmm… No wonder there weren’t many beetles in the trap. There is a hole in the bottom! That’s weird! So, I taped the bottom with packing tape.


I went to the new bag, opened the zipper and emptied the trap. Then, when I closed the zipper, there was a tear all away across the bottom. The zipper makes a rip all across the bottom above the zipper! How’s that for a design flaw?!?! The bag is supposed to reusable!


So, I had to put tape all across the bottom of the bag. I guess it is still reusable as long as you use tape.

I am now going to send an email to the company. Did I miss something in the instructions perhaps? There are videos online about this product, like how to use it… It shows a different way to open and close, you just pull it apart and seal it shut like a ziplock bag (without a zipper). Mine is new and it isn’t made to open it that way. It has a ZIPPER!

While it is true the trap works, which I definitely can’t complain about, why does the bag rip when it is supposed to be reusable? Maybe most people don’t have as many beetles, but I highly doubt I am that unique. I did see some traps on Ebay that didn’t use bags…

Well, that’s it for now. Until next time, be safe, stay positive and always be thankful… Even if your Japanese Beetle trap springs a leak. 🙂


I did send the company an email with a link to this post. The email was promptly replied. The customer rep said she was glad to see the number of beetles I had caught but was sorry to hear about the problem with the bag ripping. She said that because of customer feedback with the same issue they redesigned the bag (like the one in the video I watched). She said they would send me two new traps to try and review. 🙂 Now, I will go to the Farmers Co-op and tell them the news. LOL!

4 comments on “Rescue Japanese Beetle Trap #2 Video

  1. debbie lansdown says:

    Hi Rooster
    The video is wonderful, your place looks so beautiful – I enjoyed seeing the lay of land & plants too.
    The pictures of the beetles overflowing the trap are too much – I keep thinking of that scene in the Indiana Jones film – they must do so much damage, I was also thinking if I were there they would get in my hair – horrid! Sorry you got a hole in your beetle trap! 😳
    I went to plant heaven today as We spent 5 hours at the Hampton court garden festival – you would have loved it

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Debbie! Glad you enjoyed the video. I would like a camera that would upload faster. I read online that uploading to YouTube was faster and better. It did take less time, but still a few hours. 😐 I sent the company an email with a link to the blog post and a customer service rep answered right away. She said she was glad to see how many beetles I had caught. She explained that they had a lot of complaints and changed the design and would send me two new ones. 🙂

      The Hampton Court Garden Festival sounds great! Plant heaven indeed and I definitely would have loved it. I hope you took photos… Thanks for the comment!

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  2. bittster says:

    Oh my gosh that’s disgusting! I can’t imagine so many beetles in my yard and I hope the traps help you out in a big way.
    I think you posted some pictures last year of your elm and all the nibbling that was going on, but this really puts it in perspective. Good luck with the battle and it looks like you’ll put those replacement traps to good use!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Frank! Oh, with the variety of plants you have they would be a disaster. If you aren’t bothered with them, I wouldn’t buy a trap because it could bring them to you. One year ago today is when I moved the plants to the front and back porch because of the beetles. Thanks for the comment and Happy 4th of July!


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