Ummm… And AGAIN!

Hello Folks! I hope this post finds you all doing well. It seems when one snow melts another comes to take its place. This one will be followed by VERY cold temps… The forecast originally said it was going to start snowing at 2 AM and snow for 10 hours. It also said we could expect a total accumulation of 6-7 inches. Well, at 2 AM the forecast had changed and said it would start around 3 AM and would last only 6 hours. I think I checked about 4 AM and it still hadn’t snowed. I don’t exactly remember the time I last checked because I was half asleep. I remember checking the radar around 3 AM and it was weird. I should have taken a screenshot. The cloud was like a horseshoe shape and we were in the middle then it surrounded us.


The wind was blowing when I got up and there wasn’t a bird in sight. They have been enjoying their new feeder in the tree in front of the house. One day a Purple Finch and a Gold Finch were on the feeder at the same time. By the time I got the camera, they had flown off. It is sometimes hard to take photos of the birds in front of the house because every time a car goes by the birds fly into the tree.


I am not sure how much snow we actually received because of the wind but I am sure we didn’t get 7 inches. Some of the drifts are well over 12″ deep, though.


My son and his friend are here now and they piled up some of the brush from the ice storm. Then yesterday we helped the preacher from church (not the church next door) remove the brush in front of a lady’s house (who goes to our church). Ummm… For some reason we brought it here instead of taking it to the city barn. The yard was a bit soft but we had no problems until the last load. I told the preacher to just put it in drive and not to put his foot on the gas pedal. That worked the first two times but not the last time. The tires started spinning and I told him to stop and I would get the tractor. Well, I had to air up a flat tire and I needed to charge the battery a little. By the time I was able to get the tractor ready he was stuck much worse. Over the years I have learned a few things about getting stuck in mud and snow. Once the tires start to spin you need to stop. If you can’t get anywhere in reverse, just stop and make a new plan. I rate getting stuck in the top 10 of things I like the least. I suppose in the winter it would be number 1 while in the summer it would move down the list and be replaced by poison ivy. Maybe thorns…


Snow and frost (the “S” and “F” words) are pretty high on the list. The “F” word is number 1 in the fall. I do like the patterns the snow makes from the wind blowing.


There was a drift on the north side of the old foundation in “the other yard” which I DID NOT jump into. I may have when was younger but it has been a while I have played in the snow…


Another drift along the southeast side…


Ummm… The Cylindropuntia imbricata (Tree Cholla) doesn’t mind the snow. Last January was so cold it turned maroon!


No plants on the front porch yet…


Nothing to say about this…


Everywhere you look is a bright white on a sunny day.


The Phlomis ‘Edward Bowles’ has been tucked under this flower pot for a while.


The Nandina domestica (Heavenly Bamboo) seems to be holding on to a nest of snow.


There was an old bird feeder in the barn so I decided I would stick it in the ground yesterday. This was dad’s feeder when I was growing up where we lived before.


A Flicker was wondering where it came from…


Back in the front yard, a few birds were enjoying their seed. Usually, there are a lot of Juncos but this time there were a few species of sparrows and a pair of Cardinals.


While taking the photo of the birds through the window I noticed the Stapelia gigantea is growing a new side branch. It is going to be really exciting when it flowers…


The forecast has changed somewhat over the past few days. For several days it said the low for tonight was going to be 1° F. Now it says 2… Well, at least it sounds better. Of course, the wind chill is a different story. Currently, at about 3:30 PM, the temperature is a windy 15° F and it feels like -6. 😐

That’s all I have to talk about for now. Until next time, be safe and stay positive. Stay warm or keep cool depending on where you live.

17 comments on “Ummm… And AGAIN!

  1. vw1212 says:

    Started a little after 1 pm here; more rain than snow I think, but maybe it will change later because they said it should go until 2 am….smh

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  2. Vicki says:

    I love the sight of snow. I think it appeals to the little child in me. But I do feel sorry for the avian life and little critters outdoors.

    Woke up to a cool change Down Under in Melbourne, Australia and hopefully this will help the firefighters in their task. More importantly, hopefully this will mark the end of numerous heat waves that have engulfed us making it the hottest summer on record.

    Perhaps we could do an exchange – you send some snow and I’ll send you some heat 😀

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    • Hello Vicki! I feed the birds but I know there are millions that go hungry this time of the year. There aren’t as many this year as last year. That’s good you are having cooler weather there for a change. It has warmed up in the 50’s between each cold spell this winter so we have enjoyed that. Then we have the mud. I guess it gives us something to talk about. Thanks for the comment!


  3. Jim R says:

    Hey, good day to you. Happy Sunday. Today is 3/3. I was napping at 3:33. I had intended on getting a photo of the digital clock then. Now I have to wait until 4:44 on 4/4 or 5:55 on 5/5. Those are the only two upcoming opportunities.

    Your outdoor plants are being very quiet and patient as they wait out winter. Our scenes look like yours, but we have deeper snow. It got rained on a week ago and is now like glacier ice about a foot deep. To cheer me up, my lovely wife bought a small 2” across Echeveria setosa plant. It has little hairs all over the small succulent leaves. I think it is nicknamed Frosty or Wooly Rose in the literature.

    Could you fill out the full list of top 10 things that you don’t like? It would be interesting to see the lists of other people. Topping mine are thorns and spiders and colds.

    Stay warm. Get some dirt under your nails. Have a good nap as needed.

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    • Hello Jim! I have rarely seen the time match the date but I have noticed 11:11 a lot. They say you are supposed to do something when you see 11:11 but by the time I figure out what to do it is too late. Noticing the time and date like that must be important. Maybe you should have your camera ready on 4/4. 🙂

      The Echeveria setosa are a pretty neat plant. I had the hybrid ‘Pulv-Oliver'(labeled E. pulvinata ‘Jasper’) which I thought was pretty neat. You have to make sure they have plenty of light and don’t water over the winter or they will stretch somewhat. Echeveria setosa can become “tree-like” as with my ‘Pulv-Oliver’ which is pretty neat. They are also easy to propagate from stem cuttings when they get a little wild.

      Maybe a top ten list would make an interesting post. Like you said, it would be interesting to see what others top to dislikes are as well.

      I am staying warm as long as I am inside but I don’t mind going out in the cold. You can always come back inside and be thankful for the warmth. I am still not having any trouble getting my hands dirty either. A good afternoon nap seems to be a part of my daily routine, too. It is colder where you are, usually, so you stay warm as well. Take care and thanks for the comment!

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  4. bittster says:

    I agree. Enough. But hopefully this will be the last of the real wintery mess, and we’ll be off to complain about all kinds of other weather soon enough 😉
    It does look nice though, and the birds seem quite ok with it as long as the feeder is full!

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    • Hello Frank! I’m not sure if this is the last but it doesn’t hurt to be hopeful. It would be nice if the first day of Spring meant no more snow and ice. We had snow here the first day of May a few years ago. The birds really do appreciate their food but the Robins seem somewhat bewildered. Thanks for the comment!


  5. debbie lansdown says:

    Hi Rooster
    Thanks for the lovely snow pics – I like those patterns in the snow & also the little fat red cardinal who looks focussed & busy, like he is not worried one jot by the cold, can’t believe you missed the purple finch – we don’t get them- I would like to meet them! 🙂 I did have a little platoon of gold finches in the garden yesterday for the first time this winter
    I agree I think a top 10 things we don’t like is a great post -for me they would mostly be small things that happen regularly rather than big earth shakers! Flies would beat spiders for me.
    Weather here in Surrey is wet which has been great for the garden & all my new plantings Lupins, scabious, erysimum Bowles mauve & those tiny campanula. Keep warm but enjoy the snow! ⛄️ ⛄️

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    • Hello Debbie! I will keep checking to see if I can get more good bird photos but the opportunity is limited from the front window. If you check back in the archives from last winter you will meet the birds. Spiders don’t bother me as much as they did when I was a kid. The only ones that I don’t like now are the Brown Recluse. The Cellar Spiders are annoying but they are harmless. I am glad to hear your planting are off to a good start and I am going to check on the Hosta soon. They were up last year on March 3. I am working on a top ten post… Thanks for the comment!


  6. Masha says:

    Brrrrrrr, this is tooooo cold for me 🙂 love the snow but in pictures only. Great that you have that bird feeder I’m sure the birds love it. Beautiful photos.

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  7. Nice pictures! Snowed again in Ohio today. Still waiting for warmth!

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