Third “S”…

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you all well. I took a nap in the afternoon and a few times I woke up and could hear the wind blowing. The forecast said the day would start out rainy and was supposed to “S” in the afternoon. Before I got out of bed I was thinking about what I could prepare for dinner. I needed to go to the store because I had run out of ice cream.

I got out of bed and went into the kitchen to warm up a cup of coffee and saw it was “S—ing”. After a week of nice weather we wish would last all winter, we get another “S”.  The National Weather Service said it was 30° F with a wind chill of 16. The wind speed was 26 mph with gusts up to 36 mph.


There quite a mixture of the size of flakes, some fairly big. It was ‘S—ing” so much I could barely see the cows gathered around the bale of hay I took out yesterday. There is still one in the smaller lot in reserve.


The House Sparrows are thankful I didn’t finish cleaning out the Martin house… Well, I thought about it but saw it was going to “S” and get cold so I decided maybe they might need shelter. GEEZ!


I had to open the sliding door to get good photos and was very surprised when The Barn Cat (yeah, that’s her name) came in the house. I have been here five years and she never came into the house. Once she did stick her front feet in, but never all the way. She didn’t stay long, though.


The front porch looks strange with no plants on the tables…


Umm… According to the calendar, the first day of winter isn’t until December 21. Here, in mid-Missouri, we have already had three “S—‘s” with temps in the teens! Some parts of the country have had a lot worse. I have been in much worse so I am not going to complain. I am thankful to have a warm place and food to eat.

As I walked past the living room, guess who I saw? Susie. She snuck in while I was taking photos… She was hoping I was going to let her stay in. I suppose it would be OK but I don’t really need a house cat… There are four others and it wouldn’t be right for her to be inside. I had cats inside in Mississippi which were no problem and were in and out as well as litter box trained. Mom always had cats that would come inside and so did my ex… There were all housebroken and would go out when they needed to. The cats here are outside cats and not housebroken so that could prove not to be a good idea to allow them to be inside… If you want a cat inside, they need to be housebroken and litter box trained. Mom had a cat before that would actually “go” in the drain in the bathtub…


The view from the north side of the house… The forecast for a few days will be cold.


Wednesday will be the beginning of a warming trend at 42° F with a low of 33.

I still needed ice cream, so after I finished with the photos I went to the grocery store. There weren’t many people driving around downtown, but I was very surprised at how many were at the grocery store. Apparently, I am not the only one who needed ice cream. At 6:50 PM when I am finishing this post, it is still “S—ing” like crazy and the wind is still blowing.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Until next time, take care, be safe, stay warm and stay positive. It may be a little difficult to get dirty for a few days, but I am sure I can find a way. 🙂

10 comments on “Third “S”…

  1. Jim R says:

    That storm just grazed us with less than an inch. But 5 miles south they got 8″. Ten miles south got a foot. I won’t be shoveling tomorrow. Hurray!

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    • Hello Jim! WOW! I am glad you didn’t get that much. I looked out the window about an hour ago and it had stopped here. I am not sure how much it accumulated in the yard, but the wind blew so much it isn’t that deep on the back porch. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Debbie says:

    Great to see the snow! It’s ridiculous as my age but seeing the driving snow in your pictures just makes me excited! I think it’s because I was born in the big snow of winter 1962! The weather here has been wet & cold but just touching sleet – not moving into proper snow really – a couple of icing sugar sprinkles over night but nothing more yet here in Surrey – on Friday I planted a yew hedge at work & it was not ideal weather for that job, let’s say! That bird house you have is quite lovely- I only ever see single dwellings for birds here – that is like a bird high-rise! I’m guessing it’s quite old? So the cows -do they have a barn to get out of the snow? – so many were born this year they must wonder what the hell all this white stuff coming out of the sky is all about! Or am I being a townie & they are just fine with it! 🤣. With your indoor & outdoor cats don’t you have a cat flap so they can come & go as they please? I have always found that cats are really clean as long as they can get out when the need arises. Hector is a real outdoor cat but at the first sign of bad weather he will be found curled up on a chair preferably with a black coat on the back. So he is invisible! My previous cat Myrtle also used to use the drain very successfully if she got left in. Ok keep warm & make sure you stock up on ice cream – very important- I just got some rhubarb crumble ice cream yesterday!!

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    • Hello Debbie! We normally don’t have snow here so early, but this seems to be “one of those” winters. The cooling and warming periods is not especially good for some perennials as their roots will heave. The ground doesn’t have time to thoroughly freeze. Hosta do well when the ground freezes then are mulched to help keep the ground froze. So many plants have different needs to address over the winter.

      I am not sure how old the Martin house is, but dad bought it after they moved to the farm I think. He always built his Martin houses before that and one had one that was pretty fancy. The one now is called a Martin Castle and are very common and still available. I could do a post about it and explain how to clean it. A lot of people are using the ones that look like gourds but I don’t particularly care for them.

      The cows stay out in the cold but I try and keep the bale of hay in an area where they have a windbreak. They grow longer fur when it gets cold and don’t seem to mind cold temperatures. As long as they have plenty of hay and water. I am sure the calves wonder about their first “S” for sure. Quite a new experience for them. I am sure they are curious about the water getting hard on the pond, too. I thought about building a shelter for the cows over the winter or figuring out a way to let them inside the part of the barn I don’t use. But, cows butt each other around which may cause a problem.

      I didn’t have a “flap” for the cats when I had cats inside. They just go to the door when they want out or in. One reason I don’t want cats inside is because of their shedding fur and fleas getting into the house. If they sleep on the bed or on the sofa, they leave fur behind. My sister has several cats that are inside and she is always having to remove the hair from her clothes… Been there done that. While I don’t object to pets being inside, I am content that I don’t currently have any inside. If I were married, and my wife wanted pets inside, I would be fine with it. I have been in homes, clean homes, that have the odor of a litter box. Before, when my ex and I had a cat inside who was well mannered, the litter box was always clean and there was no smell. It is the responsibility of the pet owner because cats are, as you said, clean and they don’t like a dirty litter box.

      Rhubarb ice cream!?!?!? Never heard of that before but it does sound good! My favorite is Breyers Peanut Butter Party. It is delicious! You take care and stay warm in Surrey, too. Thanks for the comment!


  3. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    No snow here. Some rain and that cold wind is blowing. Brrrrrrrr Keep warm. I think you need a cat to curl up on your lap and keep you warm this winter the way winter is busting in so early.

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    • Hello Lisa! Even though it is cold I think I will pass on the cat to keep me warm. I have had cats that liked to get under the blanket with me before but it has been a while. They liked it when I raised the blanket with my feet so they could go all the way inside then walk back and snuggle. They get to purring and working their claws. 🙂 Memories… So, when do you usually get “S”? I am keeping warm here, and you stay warm there, too. Thanks for the comment!


  4. We just got snow also, very heavy and wet snow. Only about 3″ though, so not too bad.

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    • Hello Jason! That’s good you only got 3″ I am not sure how much we received because of the wind. Some parts of the yard was bare while others had maybe 3 or so inches. A lot has melted already leaving behind a lot of mud. Thanks for the comment.

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  5. Vicki says:

    Gosh, the 2nd image looks like a blizzard. Winter sure does set in quickly in your ‘neck of the woods’.

    I would have given the ice-cream a miss, but I guess when you get snow through the winter, you are used to driving conditions and the cold.

    ……and while I loved the snow as it was a bit of a novelty 35 years ago when I used to ski high up in the mountains, I daresay you react to snow differently when its a sure-fire eventuality every year.

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    • Hello Vicki! Well, as I mentioned before, it hasn’t normally snowed before the first of the year for quite a while. We always have periods of cool and warm which is enough to drive a person insane. We are pretty much used to driving in the snow for the most part, so some of us get out even in blizzard conditions. I think it is due to the brain freeze that comes along with it. 🙂 We have very good highway department crews that are always ready to do their best to keep the roads safe. I am not a fan of “S”, so I doubt very seriously I will ever go skiing. Seasonal changes are like a battle, with one season trying to barge in and the other fighting to stick around a while longer. Thanks for the comment!

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