R.I.P. Mr. Argiope

Hello folks! I hope this post finds you all well. Sunday afternoon I planned on taking a few photos which led to some weeding. As I was taking photos, I asked Mrs. Argiope where her husband was. She became a bit testy at the question and abruptly informed me that he was NOT her husband. But, she went on to explain that she invited him to dinner one afternoon but it had been a slow day… Sometimes I throw a grasshopper in her web, but Sunday there was none to be found. That in itself is a bit strange… Then Mrs. Argiope didn’t seem to happy with me when I was trimming and pulling weeds under her web. This darn maple tree keeps sending up sprouts along the wall and her web happens to be attached to one of the sprouts. I removed the other sprouts and one messed up her web. She ran for cover are gave me a very bad look. For a minute I thought she would invite ME to dinner…

I am still working on part two of the cactus and succulent update. Some of the photos I took earlier are out of date so I took a few more on Sunday. Umm… 42.

So, until next time… Have a great and awesome day, evening, rest of the week and so on. Stay positive, amazing, and be well. Most of all… GET DIRTY!


4 comments on “R.I.P. Mr. Argiope

  1. Vicki says:

    That is the creepiest spider I’ve seen for a long time.

    Fortunately, I have mainly tiny ones invading through my louvred windows, but did find a rather large black spider body next to my pillow last summer. I must have rolled on it and squashed it while I slept. Needless to say I have numerous scars on my torso from mosquito and spider bites from last summer. From now on, the warmer weather will find my bedroom windows shut tight at night.

    I suppose on your farm and large garden there are bound to be many insect species.


    • Hello Vicki! So, you think she is creepy? LOL! What is creepy is waking up and finding a large spider next to your pillow. Even though it is dead! We do have a lot of different insects and spiders on the farm. The worse is the Brown Recluse Spider. Well, maybe not “the worse”. but they are tops on my list. They are everywhere I need to clean up and get things sorted out (basement, sheds, garage…). I see most of them in the house in the bathroom and kitchen. I read only 10% of the people are allergic to their venom, but I still don’t like their company. Fortunately, we have not had the mosquitos and chiggers we normally do. Keep your window closed, Vicki! That many mosquito and spider bites is not a good idea! Thanks for the comment as always!

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  2. bittster says:

    I love these, they’re so big and colorful and such pro web weavers! I didn’t even suspect they had such mantis-like dating habits…
    I saw one just this past weekend in the garden. It’s been a couple years so I’m thrilled!

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    • Hello there! You know, when I was a kid there were more of these. I went for many years without seeing any but there were three last year and one so far this year. I remember catching grasshoppers and throwing them in their webs when I was a kid and I still get a kick out of watching how fast they are. Thanks for the comment as always!

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