#7! It’s A Heifer!

Hello folks! When I got up this morning I saw a calf sleeping on the wrong side of the fence. It had been sprinkling for quite a while and was still at it. I am not really fond of cold water, so I didn’t go out to get the calf back where it belonged. I couldn’t tell which calf it was at first because it was always sleeping. Then, one time, its head was up but I could only see half. It looked like #6.

Dad came in and sat down in the dining room and said we had a new calf. I didn’t argue with him because maybe he was right. It is always amazing to me how dad knows what is going on with the cows when he can only see very little of the pasture in three small areas. He doesn’t get off the porch unless we go to town.

Finally, it stopped sprinkling and I went out to see if I could get the calf back where it belonged. I didn’t understand why #6 would have been across the fence AGAIN since she already tangled with it pretty good. Normally when they get a good zap they don’t bother it again.

I knew I had to be cautious and not get in a hurry because if you scare a sleeping a calf, they take off running and have no idea where they are going. The calf was laying down so I had to make a little noise so it would wake up and get up without being startled.

It got up and started walking toward the corner of the fence slowly so I moved in behind it. We got around the corner and it turned around and faced me and I was able to pet it. Finally, I saw its face. I said, “Wait a minute, are you #6 or what?’ Momma was on the other side of the fence and she said, “Have you lost your mind? Do I look like Fatty?”

Maybe you are wondering who Fatty is now. Late last summer I was looking at the cows and there was one that was looking HUGE. She had gotten so large, even her face didn’t look like one of our cows. For a while, I thought maybe one of the neighbor’s cows got in with ours. I counted and there wasn’t an extra. So, I started referring to her as Fatty although I never called her that to her face. I would definitely never call anyone fat let alone give the cow that name. So, I think I need to have a chat with her to come up with a better name. Any suggestions?


After the calf walked under the electric fence with no problem, momma and baby started walking fairly fast. I stepped over the fence because I needed to get some photos if this was a new calf. Then I saw 100% proof this was a new calf. The afterbirth.


They walked around to where the rest of the cows were and there to greet the new arrival was #6. She said, “Hey, sis! You look like me.” #7 replied, “I already know. The human already thought I was you.”


#6 told her she had a black spot above her nose and the “human” should be able to tell the difference.


Then #5 came up to greet the new girl.


This is the whole gang so far. Nine cows, four heifer calves, and three bull calves. All are doing well. There are still two cows to go, but personally, I think the heifer lost her calf because she is no longer looks pregnant. I was never really sure about the other one either, so seven may be all the calves we get.


Father up in the pasture I could see what I thought was turkeys. I zoomed in and saw they were Turkey Vultures instead.


Later in the afternoon…

I went out to check on the cows and new calf about 3 in the afternoon. Momma and the new calf were laying down while the calf was taking a nap. Momma heard me coming and turned around then got up. The calf woke up and turned to look at me, too.


I started rubbing the calf on its back then it tried to stand up a few times. She was to tired to stand.


The mother didn’t mind me rubbing her new daughter a little at first.


Then she decided enough was enough. So, I got up and did a little weeding.

That’s it for this post. Another one is on the way. I better get it finished because several I was working on are already outdated.

Until next time, stay well, be positive, and GET DIRTY!

8 comments on “#7! It’s A Heifer!

  1. Jim R says:

    So what is the count now?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Awwww such a sweet little face.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are all cute, Lisa. Have you ever seen a baby that wasn’t? We see a lot of different babies on the farm that are so amazing. In the past few years, I have seen baby toads, birds, snakes, grasshoppers tree frogs, chicks… What else? All are a marvel of nature. Thanks for the comment.


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