#3. Another Bull Calf!

Hello there! I hope this post finds you all well! I came back from town a little after 6 PM yesterday and saw a cow by the hay lot licking her calf. I looked toward the pond and the other two were there. I walked out to the fence by the chicken house to get a closer look.  So, I went inside and picked up the camera then went back outside to investigate.


Another one of the older cows had a bull calf. This cow isn’t quite as protective so she didn’t mind me getting closer.


I mentioned the last calf’ had a lot of whiskers, so this time I took a close-up of the calf’s face. He doesn’t seem quite a hairy as the last one but he still has a lot. I looked at the heifer and her face isn’t as hairy. I wonder if this is a newborn thing and some of the facial hair falls off. Hmmm…

While I was looking at the calf, the cow that was in the hayfield yesterday morning was looking the electric fence over and gazing off into the hay field. Since she got in there yesterday, she knew the fence wasn’t hot. I looked at her and said, “Oh, I know what you are thinking.” I knew she was about to try something.

After dinner I decided to go visit a friend I hadn’t seen for a while. I looked toward where the calf was and sure though, the cows were in the hay field. I went out to see what they had done and found the gate wire was broke. Since the electric fence is having issues, I knew there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it. They were in the 12-acre hay field, calmly eating, so I decided that was much better than them getting into the hay lot or the yard.

Yesterday the repairman came to recharge the AC and I had him check the voltage where the fencer plugs in. It read 110 which is what it was supposed to say. He suggested the fencer lost its ground and I should put in a new ground rod. We looked over the line between the barn and chicken house and made a plan to replace it.

So, after he left, I went to town and bought a new rod and line. Then I put in the new rod and hooked it all back up. STILL, it reads 0.0 instead of 13.0. If the rod isn’t deep enough, it still won’t work. GEEZ! I drove in 6 out of 8 feet already! Well, I have some experimenting to do and I am going to run the wire from the barn to see if that will temporarily charge the fence. While the cows are in the hay field, contently eating, and not getting into more mischief. One thing I need to do is eventually, but soon, eliminate some of this electric fence…

Until next time, stay well, stay positive, be prosperous and get as dirty as you can!

2 comments on “#3. Another Bull Calf!

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    What cute whiskers the calf has. I bet the mom is proud of her little boy taking after her.

    Liked by 1 person

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