First Calf of 2018-It’s A Heifer

Hello folks! I hope this post finds you all well! It’s that time of year once again when the cows start calving. Yesterday, when I was going to take the cows to the back pasture, they all headed for the gate except one of the older cows. She was completely not interested. I walked up to her and said, “Don’t you want to go to the back?” She said, “No I better not.” I walked up to her and started looking her over. Normally, I can walk up to her and pet her with no problem unless she is in one of her moods. She was definitely in one of her moods yesterday and tried to give me a good head-butt. So, I left all the cows in the front pasture.

For the past few weeks, I have been observing certain signs you just learn to watch for if you have cows. Their udders start getting bigger as they get closer to having a calf for one thing. This morning her udder was very full and she had a little, umm, discharge. I pretty much knew today would be the day.

Then, in the afternoon, I went out to do some work on the fence and she was in the corner by the walnut trees in front of the south hay field. I worked my way up to where she was and could tell she was very close. She was up and down and keeping her eye on me. I worked my way up to within maybe 100 feet of her and decided to give her privacy. I went to the pickup and watched her for a few minutes. She said, “Do you mind? I don’t need an audience and I have done this many times.” So, I left her in peace. This was about 5 PM.

At a little after 6 PM I went out to the gate by the barn with the binoculars and saw a big white spot… I looked through the binoculars and she had her calf already. It was up walking around and nursing.

So, I had to go meet our new arrival and take a few photos. Most of the cows have no problem with me handling their babies, but never this one.


The rest of the cows walked to the gate to the back pasture as if they were saying, “OK, she’s done now.” I told them, “Do you know what time it is? This is when I normally bring you back.” They just looked at me and said nothing. I have news for them tomorrow because they are STILL not going to the back pasture.

I apologize for not doing the post about the beds and their location yet. I am about ready, though. I did move the plants from the basement outside on Sunday but the cactus and succulents are still inside. We had some pretty good wind the past couple of days but none of the plants blew over. I put bricks around their pots and gave them a good soaking.

I will close this post for now and hope you all stay well. Stay positive and be thankful. IT’S SPRING! Time to get growing and GET DIRTY!

9 comments on “First Calf of 2018-It’s A Heifer

  1. Pixydeb says:

    Amazing ! A new family member!
    Will you keep the new one?

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    • If it were up to me… One reason I started using a Hereford bull a couple of years ago was so I could tell them apart. All black cows look pretty much alike until you spot certain features. Then there is, of course, their personality. The first year I used a Hereford cross in 2015 and had all bull calves but one. I kept the heifer and she will have a calf this year.
      I didn’t ask dad if he wanted to keep her, I just did. Then last year he wanted to sell all six. This year there are nine due… Although we have plenty of cows for the size of our pasture when cows start getting old they need to be replaced by heifers. So, we shall see what dad wants to do. I have my opinion and I like a little variety. Thanks for the comment Pixydeb!


  2. Jim R says:

    Congratulations. I will have cake and cigars sent asap. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful posts, and yes this is our busy time of year Mr R Stay well,

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  4. Masha says:

    Awwwwwe how wonderful. I see you have a real connection with the cows, this universe is amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, yes! The Universe is truly amazing for sure. Now if the calf would just stay on the right side of the electric fence it would be better. She likes to sleep in the hay field. One day she walked through the fence by the chicken house and went to sleep in the backyard. Momma didn’t think too much of that. 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Masha.

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