First “F” & Uprooting The Colocasia

Hello, folks! Saturday morning (October 28) I walked out the side door to see this… I knew it would happen sooner or later as usual but it is always a shock. I can never get used to it. Still, some of the plants seemed unaffected by it. At this point, if the temperatures warm back up, the Colocasia will start sending out new leaves like they did in Mississippi. But, this is not Mississippi and it is just the beginning…


The flowers on the Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’ are still standing upright as if nothing happened. Probably the leaves protected them. We had already gotten a couple of very light frosts where hardly anything was damaged.

Although the Marigolds did get zapped, their flowers still looked pretty good.


The Talinum paniculatum (Jewels of Opar) still looked very good.


Dad’s red Cannas didn’t look so good, though. Looks like they have been burned. OUCH!!!

It didn’t stop… A few more night’s of frost pretty much did just about everything in… SO, I decided I better dig up the Colocasia.


I took this photo of the Colocasia on Tuesday afternoon (October 31) before I started digging.


Now the flowers weren’t standing up…


The Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’ tuber measured almost 6″ across! Taking a photo proved to be a little inaccurate because of the angle. Holding the tape measure with my right hand while holding the camera with my left and trying to press the button… Kind of like tapping your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time (well, I mastered that eventually). The button to take the photo is on the right side of the camera so my right hand holding the tape kept moving when I would press the button to take the photo… VERY FUNNY! Hmmm… Wonder what would happen if I turned the camera upside down? There were NO offsets on the Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’.


The Colocasia esculenta in the middle had three large offsets that were almost as large as the main tuber.  The tuber wasn’t quite as large as the plant on the right even though the plant grew taller.


The one on the far right was slightly larger than the one in the middle but you can’t tell by this photo.It had a few smaller offsets that had not come up yet.

I haven’t dug the smaller Colocasia tubers yet because I am going to experiment with some of them…


The Lysimachia nummularia ‘Goldilocks’ is still doing fine. The golden color of the leaves has now turned green. Weird how that happens when the temps get cooler.


The Geranium sanguineum var. striatum is pretty much evergreen all winter.


The Phlomis ‘Edward Bowles’ (Jerusalem Sage) is still looking fine, too. The large pot I keep over it during the winter is close by. Last winter I didn’t cover it and darn near lost it so that won’t happen this year.


The Baptisia x ‘Lunar Eclipse’ is also looking fine. Hopefully, it will survive the winter and next year we will be blessed with flowers…


Although the south bed is now a disaster area there are still signs of life…


The Elephant Garlic is green and growing and so is the Kniphofia. Well, the Kniphofia was protected by the Celosia ‘Cramer’s Amazon’ so it may soon get zapped, too.


The Rosemary still looks fine, too.


The Stachys byzantina (Lambs Ears) seems to be enjoying itself, too. That will change before long, though.


After a couple more “F’s” dad’s Cannas really looked like crap!


As I came around the house, dad was on the side porch smoking his pipe. When I got up to him he asked. “Well, what do you think now?” I thought to myself, “VERY FUNNY.”


I walked over to the shade beds and saw that the Hosta and pretty much everything there hasn’t been zapped yet. The leaves of the Maple trees there are still giving them some protection. The Alocasia that I planted in the bed bit the dust, though. The Caladiums were gone a while back, too. The Leptinella squalida ‘Platt’s Black’ (above photo) is still alive.


The Acalypha hispida (Chenille Plant) is also still alive although the leaves are a bit droopy. I am still debating if I should bring it inside… I better make up my mind soon!

Well, I guess I better end this post for now. I am STILL working on the post about scientific names. Actually, the post is basically finished but I am still working on the pages that are linked to it. There is also something exciting I need to show you but I didn’t want to add it to this post… Wait until you see it! Maybe tomorrow.

Until next time, stay happy, healthy, positive and GET DIRTY!


2 comments on “First “F” & Uprooting The Colocasia

  1. Amy says:

    It is sad watching things die after frost. I am thinking about doing elephant ears in planters next year. They are so cool!


    • IN PLANTERS!?!?! Plant Colocasia in the ground and Alocasia in pots. Well, you can put Alocasia in the ground, too but you need to bring inside or force them to go dormnant before a frost. Check out Amorphophallus and Dracunculus. They will get your plant bug going! Every genus in the Araceae (Arum) family are awesome! Thanks for the comment!


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