All Inside For The Winter :(

Here we go again! Cooler temps forecasted for Sunday night forced me to move the potted plants inside. The number of Alocasia I brought in is A LOT more than before because, of course, they multiply. I put the larger plants in the back on the floor and the smaller pots of Alocasia odora/gageana (whatever they are), A. “Mayan mask’ and A. ‘Portora’ on a table next to the stairs. The tallest is the bigger Alocasia ‘Calidora’ at 60”, not including the pot. I will probably move the Alocasia odora/gageana to the dining room because I am not so sure they will like the basement. They have always been upstairs over the winter. The plant in the bottom left corner is the big Bromeliad, Billbergia nutans (Queen’s Tears). It has been in this spot every winter since I moved back here in February 2013.


The cactus and succulents are in their temporary spot for now. Most will be moved to the bedroom and kitchen windowsill. The Begonias will stay in the basement where they will continue to grow, go dormant or die. I may put them in the front bedroom, but I haven’t decided. If I put them upstairs, they may or may not survive anyway. SO, either place their chances are about the same. Besides that, the Begonia ‘Frosty’ had mealy bugs a month or so ago, so that is not a good thing to have upstairs where it will be warmer. I didn’t see any on it when I brought the plants inside, but you never know…

As strange as it may sound, cactus don’t seem to mind a few months in the basement. I never will forget the cactus I found in my grandparent’s basement after he passed away in 1981. When I was cleaning out the basement, there was a good-sized clay pot with another pot on top of it. I took off the pot on top and there was a HUGE barrel cactus in the pot! I had never seen it before and never knew grandma had a cactus. How long it had been there is a complete mystery, maybe for YEARS!


The Begonia ‘Brazilian Lady’ will be fine in the basement as the one I had before did fine there. Well, it lost about all of its leaves but then grew new ones even before I put it back outside.


The Callisia fragrans is a new plant for me this year so I am not sure what to think about it. Should I keep it downstairs or move it upstairs? Umm… It was only maybe 8″ tall when I brought it home now it is 18 1/2″ tall! Not to mention all the kids it has now! SERIOUSLY this plant went banananananas!

I took measurements of the cactus and succulents today so the next post will be the results.

SO, until next time, take care, stay healthy, happy, prosperous, and GET DIRTY!

2 comments on “All Inside For The Winter :(

  1. What a beautiful collection of succulents, and yes it is that time of year again already, and we have been doing the same here in England..
    I also move my house plants about.. I need to move one of my orchids as it is obviously not enjoying the spot to rest as its leaves are not looking so good.. I think I disturbed it too much when I repotted.. But we gardeners never give up on anything..

    Have a wonderful rest of the week Mr R.. and loved reading and seeing your plants..


    • So, you are preparing for winter there, too? I haven’t grown orchids myself, but my brother had them when I lived with him in Minnesota. One morning I got up and went downstairs to the kitchen where they were and one had a big white flower. He tried to tell me that it just flowered overnight but then admitted he had just bought it. Orchids are readily available here but I have just never tried them yet. You have a wonderful week, too! Thanks for the comment.


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