Monday Evening

Hello, folks! It was about 6 PM and I had been working on the page for the Concilium coelestinum (Hardy Ageratum, Blue Mistflower) and I needed a photo of the mildew. Well, you know me, I couldn’t just take one photo.

Susie was taking a nap on the railing of the side porch as I walked out the door.

She thought it was time I took her photo so I told her to smile. Then I asked her if her if she spelled her name Susie or Suzie. She told me she had no idea what I was talking about.


She finally moved out of the way so I could take a photo of the Colocasia from the porch.


Even though the daylength is steadily decreasing and the temperature, especially at night, is cooler the Colocasia are still growing new leaves.


Now the 7th flower has emerged on the Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant.


The other petiole has not produced any flower (s) yet as I thought it may. I have no idea what that, umm, is… It has two of “those” now.


The Conoclinium coelestinum (Hardy Ageratum, Blue Mistflower) is not doing well. A few weeks ago it started getting powdery mildew. The plants on the other side of the step have almost all died. It has been because of the temperature and humidity. Some of the Lilac always get it every year.


Ummm… I kind of screwed up. I was supposed to take a photo of the Conoclinium coelestinum with powdery mildew and wound up taking one of the Lilac instead… That was the whole purpose of taking “a” photo anyway.


The flower on the Lavandula dentata (French Lavender) STILL hasn’t opened up.


The Coleus ‘Spiced Curry’ is still doing very well but I need to remove the flowers. BUT…


The Coleus ‘Songbird’ has seen better days. Some Coleus reach their limit before others and should be noted when selecting Coleus for the future.

I guess there will be no more photos of the Black and Yellow Garden Spiders… No sign of them for several days now.


I walked around to the south side of the house and the cows were in the front pasture. SO, I went down to get a photo.


I noticed “someone” has been messing with the fence… I asked who did it and they just looked at each other. No one wanted to take the blame. NOW I have to put the wire back where it belongs and stretch the fence AGAIN.


We have plenty of Phytolacca americana (American Pokeweed). I always let them grow because I think they are a neat plant. You know you can even buy a gold-leaved cultivar?


We finally have a couple of roses again after the Japanese Beetles obliterated them all summer. I haven’t seen any of the beetles lately so hopefully, they are gone for the year. Maybe there won’t be so many next year.


I planted a few ‘Mammoth’ Sunflowers in the garden this year so I would have seeds for the birds this winter. I was going to leave them on the plants but I noticed that the center was getting mushy. SO, I cut them all off and put them in the shed to dry out.


The Aloe x ‘Lizard Lips’ has another flower. I am not sure how many it has had this year. It is weird how you are supposed to grow Aloe in the sun, but mine always seem to do better in part shade or dappled shade. I think the proper word is “light shade”. I had the Aloe maculata in the sun most of the summer and it didn’t like it at all. It is doing much better since I moved it. It looks so bad I didn’t take a photo of it all summer even though it did flower. Some people grow them in full sun and their leaves change color and almost burn up… They say their leaves “stretch” too much but I have only had that problem with a few species and hybrids.


Dad’s Cannas have really gr0wn this year and are over 12′ tall. This fall I am going to dig up the soil along the whole length of the garage and give them more room.

One more thing I want to mention… A few weeks ago I read an add about Grammarly… SO, I installed on my iMac. It works pretty well, I must say. I have to teach it scientific plant name and people’s names that I already taught my iMac.  It STILL doesn’t understand how to pronounce the words and always wants to capitalize the first syllable. You can choose “ignore”, though. I took all the grammar and vocabulary I could in high school, so I am usually right anyway. But sometimes…. Anyway, it does help and it saves time going back and editing the posts and pages. It just does it as we go. Sometimes I get on a roll and don’t notice I messed up until after I am finished writing. You know, sometimes when we are typing we don’t press a key hard enough and the word gets misspelled. SO, I would say that Grammarly is a good tool for anyone that does a lot of writing.

Well, that’s all for this post! So, until next time, stay well, happy, healthy and positive. As always, GET DIRTY!!!

11 comments on “Monday Evening

  1. katechiconi says:

    Those cannas are magnificent!


    • Kate, the Cannas have done exceptionally well this year. It seems to me they like it crowded because the more packed they get the taller they get. It could have been we had rain at the right time, too. They area tropical plant, so they like it hot and humid, too. I am thankful they are red instead of pink. 🙂 I have a lot to be thankful for and so does everyone else. Thanks for the comment.

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  2. Jim R says:

    Poor Susie looked really sleepy with her eyes half shut.


  3. Those shots of Susie.. Purrrrrrrrfect!.. And I think it only fair the four legged get in on the act, don’t you..
    Wonderful set of photos Mr R.. And and Mildew here was a problem this year here.. My Peas succumbed to it early on and my daughters sweetpea flowers also were badly affected.. Yet my sweetpea flowers only yards away from my Peas were untouched. ..
    Such beautiful colours still to be found this time of year. And a great view from your southside of your home.. And plenty of ready manure I would think too 🙂
    loved that Rose.. And my Aloe-Vera plant has to live indoors.. But I wouldn’t be without it and its medical properties have been used more than once..

    Have a fabulous October Mr R.. I am very impressed with all your scientific names for plants, I am afraid I only know their common ones..:-) My brain has enough to remember which day of the week it is lately.. 🙂
    Take care and Happy gardening and Hugs to Susie 🙂


    • Sue, were your sweet peas and your daughters two different varieties? There are many cultivars that are mildew resistant, so maybe your sweet peas were one of those and your daughters wasn’t. I haven’t checked to see if our wild sweet peas have a problem with it. Around here, as everywhere, there are only a few species of plants that seem especially affected by it. The one lilac bush is always covered but doesn’t seem to be affected. Strange how some plants get it and suffer while others get it and are not. Aloe Vera (Aloe vera) is an awesome plant. Mine grew HUGE in Mississippi I kept the offsets removed and put them in their own pots and they seemed to get much bigger. Several other people had them there and their plants were very small and crowded. Also, I noticed, that Aloe have a larger root system than most other succulents, which got me to wondering if they would do well with a lot of organic matter… SO, I put this and that in the potting mixture and they grew over 40″ wide and over 24″ tall. The lady who gave me the start, 3 plants, was amazed. So was I. I would add a link to my Aloe vera page but it isn’t ready yet. Learning botanical names for me was as easy as learning their common names because I made it a point to address them by their real name. I didn’t say I could pronounce it properly, though. As far as remembering people’s names… That is a different story. Thanks for the comment!

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  4. Beautiful gardens. I’ve never seen a Thailand Giant. Lovely.

    The feline tour guide did a pretty good job too. 😉


    • Sonia, yes the ‘Thailand Giant’ is quite a plant and it knows it. I can hardly wait to see what it does next year after producing such a HUGE bulb. Susie is a pretty good guide as long as you have a hand to pet her. Thanks for the comment!

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