Hello folks! This afternoon I was sharpening the blades on the mower and dad was watching me from the porch (the side porch next to the garage). Harvey was about looking for bugs. Then I heard dad talking to someone so I looked up and the boy from across the street was walking across the yard toward him. Dad told him that he needed to keep the dog in the back yard because he chases the cats. Then I saw their big brown dog (umm… one of their dogs) coming around the corner of the house. The boy started calling the dog which paid no attention to him. The dog ran into the other yard, which is also our yard. I get confused talking about two yards. I ignored what was going on because I was busy. Then, after a few minutes, dad said that the dog chased the calico cat up the tree. Not that it matters, but we have at least three calico cats.

Then I stepped out of the garage because I was wondering about Harvey. If you missed who  Harvey is, I named the Old English Game bantam rooster #3 Harvey after the hurricane. He was along the side of the garage so I thought I should put him in his coop. BUT, he sensed that I wanted to catch him and he didn’t want to have any part of it. He had no idea there was a dog in the yard.

Well, I didn’t see the dog, so I started picking up a few limbs from the wind because I was getting ready to mow. Next thing I knew, here comes the dog from where the shade bed is, where he had chased the cat up the tree. Of course, Harvey was right behind me. The dog forgot all about the cat and focused on Harvey. Before I could grab him or tackle the dog, Harvey flew over the garden and disappeared. I saw him fly completely over the garden but the dog thought he was in the garden and immediately started looking for him. SO much for an electric fence! Anyway, I went inside the garden with the dog and there was no sign of Harvey. I know when chickens hide from predators it is not easy to find them until the know the coast is clear. I really wasn’t looking for the rooster, I was mainly making sure the dog didn’t find him.

SO, I called the dog out of the garden, who just walked up to me like we were best friends… I have a different idea of friendship. I pet the dog and started talking to him then he followed me across the street. The gate to the back yard was wide open. There was a small Dachshund mixed dog tied up to the railing on the front porch and a black half Great Dane looking creature tied up in the back yard…. Do you think I could get the brown dog to go into the back yard? NO. Were the neighbors home, yes. Did I knock on their door? NO… Why? Next time I will take a photo and show you why.

Well, the dog went back into our yard. I thought. “This is ridiculous! I am supposed to be mowing the yard, the rooster is MIA and this damn dog is running loose. What if I start mowing and the rooster shows up and the dog catches him while I am mowing?” SO, I started looking for something to put around the dog’s neck that won’t strangle him while I am dragging him across the street. I don’t know this dog even though he introduced himself. I don’t know how he will react to me putting something around his neck… Actually, I didn’t care. I found one of those stretchy tie down straps and put it around his neck and headed across the street.

Once we were there, I had to decide if I wanted to knock on their door or just put the dog in the back yard and close the gate. Knowing the neighbors, the gate won’t even close or is screwed up in some way. SO, I opted to walk the dog up the steps on the front porch and knock on their door… This is not the first time in the past year I have knocked on their door… The first time there was no answer. The second time I heard noises I can’t describe so I left. As I walked up the steps, the dog was somewhat hesitant to follow and whimpered a little. BUT, he came along. I knocked on the door and the lady of the house answered. I asked, “Is this your dog?” She said, “Yes” and thanked me for bringing him home and let him in the house… I told her I would go close the gate and she again, smiled and thanked me…

As it turned out, it was a good thing I took the dog to the front door. As I suspected, the gate would not close. It is a double chain link gate and the post you push down into the dirt to keep it closed was bent. There was a tree growing up where the gate should be, so it wouldn’t even close all the way properly. I managed to get the gate closed enough to wrap the chain that was there around the two gates and dummy lock it with the lock… They probably will tie the dog up because the gate sure won’t keep him in.

Then I went back across the street. Dad was still sitting on the porch, and of course, he had a smile on his face. I told him… Well, I already went through what I did so no use repeating it. Dad said Harvey was in the garden and I told him I was sure he flew across the street. He said he didn’t think so… SO, I went to the garden and there was no sign of Harvey. I went back and told dad if he was in there he is hid pretty good. When the bantams were younger and they got spooked, they would dive into the taller grass or whatever was nearby and be so perfectly still. SO, maybe…

I went ahead and started mowing, thinking Harvey would come out sooner or later. Halfway finished with the front of the yard I heard someone whistling. It was the neighbors, the other neighbors, where I though Harvey had flown into their yard. There was Harvey with them in their yard. Harvey came across the street, walked down the ditch and into our yard.

Harvey wa talking about the ordeal… I told him next time I wanted to catch him during the day it would be for his own good. He then started running across the yard to where dad was sitting and I finished mowing.

When I was finished mowing, I had to go get the camera to take a photo of the flower that FINALLY bloomed! Then I went to put Harvey to bed. Of course, as usual, he didn’t want to go to bed and flew on top of the chicken house. SO, I took a few more photos. He eventually flew down so I picked him up and asked him if any of his feathers turned grey from his ordeal. He had no comment…

Well, that is it for this post. I had taken photos on Saturday and again today, so I need to look through them and get them named and put in their folders. I hope you had, or will have, a great day or evening wherever you may be. Take care, be happy, healthy and prosperous! Take time to breathe in that good fresh air and, or course, GET DIRTY!



6 comments on “HARVEY’S SCARE!

  1. hairytoegardener says:

    Harvey’s a handsome rooster. So glad the dog didn’t get him!


  2. So glad Harvey is okay! I could feel your anxiety! Harvey proved himself to be a quick thinker.

    One time my mom’s boxer went for my old Tom cat Sebastian – Venus was a cat killer extraordinaire, and I thought it was over for Sebastian. But Sebastian was a baaaad kitty (shut yo’ mouth!), weighed almost 20 pounds, I should have known – he danced on Venus’ face, slashed her ears, then used the top of her head for a springboard and vaulted over the fence. Yeah, he was mad, but Venus’ face was all scratched up, and she never made a move on the old boy again.

    And then there were my mom’s geese – I’ll run that story by you some other time.


    • You know, Juanita, it is odd how some dogs know better than to bother cats while others just go bonkers. I had a boxer I brought home from a shelter (awesome dog) and he wasn’t too bad with cats. One day I opened the garage door and there was a kitten crawling all over him and he was licking it like a mother cat would. Then there was my mom’s cat, Snowball… When dogs were walking down the street and they got to our house, the stopped, looked then got on the sidewalk on the other side. Sometimes they just turned around and went back up the street. She was a small cat, too, half Persian and white. Looked like a steak of lightning when I strange dog came in the yard. Thanks for the comment, Juanita, and yes, Harvey is very quick more ways than one. Looking forward to reading your goose story.

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