Have You Noticed Your Card Has Trash?

Hello, I was wondering if you can do me a favor? When you move the photos from your video card to the trash what happens? Your video card is empty, right? So then you eject your card reader, remove it, or whatever thinking it is empty…

A couple of years ago I emptied my card as usual then left it in by accident. I checked my trash and HOLY CRAP!!!! Every photo and video I ever trashed was in my trash  AGAIN even though I had emptied the trash many times. THOUSANDS of deleted photos folders and videos. Not only what I had taken with my camera, but every photo and video I had taken with QuickTime (I have an iMac). That was good in a way, because I had trashed and deleted some photos I wished I hadn’t and found them again.

I know, that sounds crazy, but it is very true. Lately I have been going through photos and videos and deleting old ones that are blurry or duplicates, or whatever. Sometimes I take videos then take photos of the videos, then delete the videos. Even AFTER I delete the trash without the video card, they are right back in my trash when I put the video card back in. Videos/movies take up much more space than photos

So, what is the favor? Remove your trash without your card reader and card inserted in your computer. THEN, put them in. Remove the photos from your card… Then check your trash while the card is still in your computer. What do you see?


3 comments on “Have You Noticed Your Card Has Trash?

  1. Jim R says:

    When you put something in the trash, remember to empty the trash. That will free up space. 🙂


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