Monday Update

Hello folks! I have finally finished picking the sweet corn and wound up freezing about 200 good ears. The sweet corn did good, and I can’t complain, even though 2/3 are still on the stalk. The remaining 2/3 are partly not ready to pick OR were ready but not filled out very well. You can feel the ears and tell how well they are filled out. I still have most from last year in the freezer! The green beans did very well and I canned 24 pints and put several quart bags in the freezer. I also gave away maybe at least 10 gallon. There are still 30 pints from 2016 and I found a straggler from 2013 and 2014 that somehow got mixed with the empty jars. Besides that, there are still 10 quarts from 2013… Dad wanted me to can a few quarts for when company comes, but that doesn’t happen very often and it seems we usually go out to eat.

OK, so now for today’s photos, unless I don’t get this post finished today. If not, they will be yesterday’s photos. When I was out behind the shed where my potted plants are, I noticed that Begonia ‘Fannie Moser’ had two nice flower clusters.

I have grown several cultivars of Begonia’s, but I have never seen such HUGE clusters before.

The Begonia ‘Brazilian Lady’ is growing up a storm. She is definitely a beauty!

The Billbergia nutans, Queen’s Tears Bromeliad, is blooming up a storm. I STILL haven’t gotten it divided. I think some day I will go out and find she has jumped out of the pot herself. You know the old saying… Well, I better not say it on the blog.

The flowers are AWESOME!

The Mammillaria pringlei is STILL budding. This species is on the red list in it’s native habitat and is down to only three locations. It seems that not only is it in danger because of it’s restricted range, but also because of the use of whole plants and it’s flowers as Christmas decorations… Apparently I need to update the name of this plant. Although the tag says Mammillaria pringlei, it is correctly Mammillaria rhodantha subsp. pringlei. I can’t imaging hanging this plant on a Christmas tree. That would definitely teach the cats not to play with the ornaments

This Callisia fragrans doesn’t look like much from this photo, but this Bromeliad, also known as Inch Plant or Grandpa’s Pipe, etc., will surprise you…

I am not sure how many of these it has now, but it doesn’t want to stop. I have no clue what I am going to do with it this winter. The Billbergia nutans is perfectly comfortable in the basement over the winter, and even flowers down there, but I am not sure about this one. I have only had the Callisia since June, so we will just have to take it one season at a time.

I kind of allowed the Oenothera biennis (Evening Primrose) to do it’s thing this year. First they were growing in a crack in the floor of what used the be the back porch of the old house. Then, they started coming up like mad in the flower bed. I always pulled them up because that is not what I want there. This year, I let them have the spot between the back porch and basement steps. I didn’t plant them, they did it on their own. I think they must have appreciated that…

I am still not sure what has been up with the Physostegia virginiana (Obedient Plant). It’s leaves look burnt or something… I thought this plant was supposed to be somewhat invasive, but that hasn’t happened. Maybe next spring it will take off. Maybe there is something about this spot it doesn’t like… Maybe I should move them…

The third Lobelia cardinalis (Cardinal Flower) is FINALLY going to bloom! Looks like it may be red! THANK GOODNESS!!!

I have never seen the Conoclinum coelestinum (Floss Flower, Hardy Ageratum or whatever you want to call them) go so wild! They are getting so HUGE and barely flowering yet!

The Achillea millefolium (Fern Leaf Yarrow) here by the side porch is now showing us what it can do. It has been flowering for a while, but this week it has really strutted. Like I said before, it doesn’t like it here and is trying to go farther out into the yard. It wants more sun and it is determined to get it’s way… As it moves farther out, the bed gets bigger. Maybe dad won’t notice a foot or so more a year. The clump by the chicken doesn’t complain at all.

GEEZ! I was looking at the leaves of the Colocasia esculenta and found this guy using one for a hammock! I have found them in the weirdest places! We have a lot of tree frogs!

The Salvia coccinea (Scarlet Sage) are STILL coming up and many are flowering very well now. I am trying to get them all to be red eventually.

They have the neatest buds…

The Celosia spicata ‘Cramer’s Amazon’ is… (I have to whisper to tell you how awesome it is otherwise it gets the big head!).

NOW that is the color I want from my Marigold ‘Red Brocade’ (Tagetes patula)! Beautiful mahogany red, gold edging and a little gold in the middle. So many this year went back to more of a gold color. I guess I have to dead head and discard all the odd colored flowers to they won’t go to seed and save the color I want AGAIN. You have to admit that is a nice flower even though it stinks.

OK… Maybe I did over do it. This is just half of them. Normally, I would just transplant two or three. But last year there were none for some reason. This of course, is the Talinum paniculatum (Jewels of Opar). The deal is, I like this plant… I like the color and texture of it’s leaves and the weird way it grows… It is heat and drought tolerant and just a great overall plant except for one thing…

It’s jewels… OH, there were more but all the rain we had over the weekend knocked most of them off. That’s what I get for procrastinating and not deadheading. It would be great if those were real jewels! We would all be quite wealthy (with money, that is).

Well, that’s it for this post. I actually got it finished on the same day I took the photos. I hope you enjoyed this little stroll and look forward to hearing from you. I need to go visit your blogs now and see what you have posted for the day. I have done pretty good the past few days reading your new posts and I have enjoyed every one.

SO, for now, take care, stay healthy, be happy, prosperous and, of course, GET DIRTY!

6 comments on “Monday Update

  1. I love bromeliads and I haven’t had any for ages – my last ones died because the house was too cold and damp. Now we have the limery, I think I will have to keep an eye out for some,
    It’s raining today, so I may not be getting dirty… not having a great summer here,


    • OH, YES, Dr. Jan, you need to get more. I would love to send you starts of mine but have no idea what all that would take… Or how long it would take to get there. They may be dead by that time. I really enjoy both of mine. My thought of former years of them being difficult to grow ended with my first one. The plants available from Wal-Mart and other department stores are nothing like these. Thanks for the comment!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jim R says:

    You have a lot of very nice flowers. Many are unusual to me. I like that little frog. We have some around, too. We hear them singing at night. One evening as we watched TV, one crawled up the outside of the living room window in search of bugs. Got a good view of its belly.


    • Jim, they can be friendly little fellows. There is a hole in my window screen (from the Crap Myrtle) and one crawled through it. Actually, that made the second one. I didn’t know the first one came in and it was under the window when I closed it… That wasn’t a very good place for him to sleep… Thanks for the comment!


  3. hairytoegardener says:

    Your begonias are beautiful. I have begonia envy! I’ve also heard obedient plant is invasive, so let us know if yours isn’t because I’ll plant it, if it’s not. I think the obedient flowers are lovely. I, too, grow Jewels of Opar.–Nice plant.


    • Hairy Toe, Begonias are among my favorite plants. I have had some good ones over the years. I am going to experiment with them this winter to see if they will survive in this house… They survive in the basement, although some not very well. The Begonia rex would go dormant and come back in the spring. I have to check out how to do that. Maybe that is what they are supposed to do. LOL Isn’t life grand, we get to experiment with plants and it isn’t against the law! It’s a good thing they didn’t hear me say that, huh?

      As far as the Obedient Plant goes… I bought this plant from the local garden club’s plant sale last spring. It didn’t die, but it just sit there… It returned this spring, and there are several stems, but that is about it. I have only known two people who grow Jewels of Opar beside me. The friend to gave me my start and you. Thanks for the comment. OH, one other thing… What is your first name. I feel a little strange calling you Hairy Toe…


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