Having To Many Ideas Is Not Good

Sorry, there are no photos this time…

Sometimes I get these ideas for projects and start and move onto another new idea before the first one, or others, are finished. How do you not do that?

I have a great idea for my blog, since it is supposed to be to help others. Those two words, “help others” is also complex. Help others do what? Get motivated, learn plant names, make a garden, how to divide plants, take cuttings, preserve the harvest, grow more vegetables in less space? The list goes on and on. SO, I have a lot of drafts…

Making videos would be AWESOME but I only have this camera. Downloading or uploading (whatever you call it) takes forever. I found out there are some cameras, like the Go Pro, that is much better and faster. The thought of doing videos used to freak me out. I mean, I am this old fart who doesn’t have a good speaking voice (in my opinion). I am bald and currently I don’t even have false teeth! OK, maybe I could have left that last one out. But, it is the truth. I am who I am, like it or not, you get what you see. Dirt usually under my nails and all.

This evening I repotted several plants and I thought what a good video that would have made for some folks who are reluctant to do it. It is very simple and something that needs to be done from time to time to keep your plants happy. That is our job, you know, and it is a two-way street. If you want to enjoy your plants, they also have to enjoy your company and care. Taking a lot of photos and writing does take a lot of time, especially if you are me. Every photo has to be properly named and numbered, alphabetically then numbered in order. I have a system but it still takes time especially when I get trigger happy.

SO, I have all the pages to the right with the * which means they are still under construction. I put them on the list anyway to remind me what had to be finished. Then there are over 100 drafts that aren’t visible and so many more that are… I think there will be over 400 pages when I am finished. For those of you who remember, twice before I had the blog and all the pages were finished.

SO, what is keeping me from finishing and being properly motivated? Good question. But, I do have a good answer. I am healthy as ever and still have plenty of energy. BUT, in 2014 something happened. I did something I should have not done and somehow it sucked the life out of me. NO, not drugs or alcohol or anything like that. For the most part, I have recovered but sometimes I still lack focus and motivation. I multi task a little to much sometimes which  annoys even me, and I am the one doing it.

Then there are a couple of things I want the world to know about but can’t talk about. One of the reasons this blog is hidden, kind of sort of, and my Facebook is private. It is kind of hard to promote your blog and yourself and do online marketing when you are hiding. But you know what? I think it is time to stop hiding. I am who I am, I love what I love, and I love who I love. The last part is AWESOME so why would I want to hide it? GEEZ! I bet that is making your mind wonder now… I am about to stick my foot where it doesn’t belong. I am a man, human as can be, completely heterosexual and I don’t intend to spend my life alone. I do NOT judge others and I respect everyone’s opinions and lifestyle, their beliefs, etc. We are all unique and that is an amazing thing. The universe is full of amazing things, amazing life and amazing people. It is our bond with the universe and all life around us that makes everything work.

This blog wasn’t just supposed to be about gardening in the first place. While gardening is one of my passions, there is a lot more to life than getting my hands dirty. SO, from now on, my blog will not be just about gardening. It will be about LIFE and LOVE! Well, I am getting a little ahead of myself. But seriously, what if someone loves you and you never mention them in your blog posts? Wouldn’t you think they somehow feel left out and unloved? SO, that has to stop. It is time you know, everyone, that she is incredible!

You all have GREAT and AWESOME blogs and you are such an inspiration to me and everyone who takes the time to read your posts. I am guilty for reading some of your posts and not making a comment and sometimes even forgetting to click “like”. Please don’t think I am not reading and enjoying your posts, though. I am here and I am here to stay!



19 comments on “Having To Many Ideas Is Not Good

  1. katechiconi says:

    Lonnie, you just go ahead and do your thing. Those of us who’ve followed you for a while know what to expect, and the newbies will have a pleasant surprise. A suggestion? Pick three projects, and just work on them till they’re done. Finished. Complete. I bet you’ll get a load of satisfaction from that and lots of motivation to carry on in a more focused way. Keep up the good work, and go get your hands dirty.

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    • Kate… Only 3? Hmmm… I will take that into consideration. Actually, many of the projects usually merge together and it all works out in the end. Others are a never ending work in progress, such as life in general. Life, of course, is truly amazing and you never know what can be accomplished when you just begin. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. I often feel like I’m doing nothing because I have such a backlog, but other times I think it’s a good sign that I have more plans than time. As I sit here typing I’m aware that I have posts to write, jobs to do and blogs to read and time to do only half what I need to do. However, it;s a lot better than being like one of my friends who recently told me he’s ready to die as he has nothing more to do now that he has raised his kids and retired.

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  3. Jim R says:

    A few years ago I wrote a blog post for a popular site called ‘Why Do We Write So Much?’. I mused about the reasons. The commenters offered many. It seemed to distill down to some simple ideas. We are conversational creatures. We want to talk to each other. Some of us more so than others. Writing is one form of that communication. Being able to tap it out on a keyboard, record it as a podcast, make a video, whatever the tools, allows us to talk about our lives and interests.

    Be yourself. Write for you. Include the topics you feel are special and important. Others will agree with you.


    • OH, Jim… I have a lot to talk about, believe me. Besides gardening, there is the environment, politics, religion, relationships… There is a lot that bugs me lately for some reason which is why I try not to listen to the TV when dad is watching in the living room. It is hard to believe that our country is run by a bunch of morons. I don’t even know what a moron is… SO, I can write about my opinion on this blog? Are you sure? 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, Jim, I am very happy mostly. Especially lately for some reason. Since I crawled out of the bottle that most of us are funneled into, now I am sitting on the edge of the funnel looking out into the universe. Life is truly amazing.

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      • Jim R says:

        It will be interesting to read what you write. I agree that life is quite amazing.

        We only watch about 2 hours of TV a day, and in the evening. We choose things from Netflix etc, almost never from the major networks except PBS.

        It is very easy to be constantly bugged. I’d rather be a positive and happy person.


        • I watch programs on Hulu on my computer and documentaries on YouTube. I can listen to documentaries or listen to relaxing and motivational music while I work online. It keeps the sound from the news dad watches from reaching my ears. He tells me about it anyway, which is not good. He can’t hear what they are saying and repeats what he heard wrong… That can be amusing, but sometimes I have to go check online to see what he is talking about.


  4. I think you are trusting your feelings, Just keep on going with the flow and see where it takes you.. Which is what I do with both of my own blogs.. One is more on gardening, and walking, and places I visit.. The other holds more of my poetry and things about life..
    Being true to your self is what matters.. 🙂 And writing out our thoughts is a great healer..

    Blessings to you and yours
    Sue 🙂


    • Thanks, Sue. I have found that not all the words I hear in my head are my own… Once I have learned to meditate (a work in progress) and connect to the universe I have found a whole new amazing world. The world we live in and all it’s amazing inhabitants. OH, CRAP! That post is still a draft! You have an amazing way with words and seem to see life in amazing way. Thanks for your comment!

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      • Keep up the meditation, Meditation does not always need to be sitting with eyes closed 🙂 I meditate while gardening.. And yes the words flow, as the thoughts come in when we are within that flow.. You are welcome


        • Oh yeah. You know, talking to yourself is not actually talking to yourself… Everything you think and say goes to the universe, which is, I guess, also a form of meditation. Karma and the law of attraction are important things to know about. I am just beginning to understand how this all works and how important meditation and communication is. I think when we are outside gardening and working in the flower beds it is easier to meditate because we are being one with nature and the universe. We are all part of the universe. When we meditate (or talk to ourselves or whoever or whatever we talk to), it shows the universe and our plants that we appreciate being a part of life with them (it). They (it) respond.

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  5. Masha says:

    First thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and for following me. What you write here is so true. I’m always conscious of leaving a comment on blogs I read, like you, I was hiding for a while, but then I decided to just do it and it’s opened me up to so much. Thank you.


    • Hello Masha! Glad to see you here! Well, I was brought up as a Christian and have made some very interesting discoveries over the past 8 months… I crawled out of the bottle I was funneled into and now I am sitting on the edge looking out into a whole new world. We have many up’s and down’s in life, but now I see how amazing life truly is. Not just mine, but every life. We are definitely not alone! We are definitely not supposed to be in a bottle! I am just having a problem expressing how I feel and what I have learned. Thanks for the comment!

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