Hello everyone! The little Old English Game rooster has completely made himself at home. Dad says he wears himself out going from one yard to another all day. We talk a little in the morning when I let him out of his coop then he follows me when I go get fresh water for the other chickens. Then he goes right to the back porch. By the time I put the water in the chicken house and get the earlier eggs he is back again. The cats don’t pay any attention to him but I think they find his talking and crowing rather annoying.

One day as I walked by the back door the rooster was on dad’s lap. Dad started petting and talking to the rooster and I could tell they had become buddies. I should have taken a photo that time, but that was one of those precious moments I didn’t capture. I did get this photo a few days later.

The grass is growing so fast now as with every spring. It seems I am on the mower or trimming every day. I need to harrow the hay field and close there gate so the cows can’t get in. May just have to forget the harrowing. I also need to get the garden ready!!!

OH, YEAH!!! I almost forgot about our evening visitor..


The raccoon stayed and ate cat food even after I turned on the light. He got a drink after he ate the rest of the cat food then looked up at me and left.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I will try and make a new one sooner next time. There are a few photos I can take, so maybe tomorrow or the next day….

Until then, be safe, be happy and thank your creator for your many blessings. Don’t forget to GET DIRTY!


  1. Jim R says:

    This is a busy time of year. I don’t know how you keep up.

    The raccoon seemed to appreciate the snack and drink. Don’t let them in the house. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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