Saturday, February 18, I decided to let the chickens out for a while. One of the Old English Game Bantam hens got sidetracked and decided to check out the other nests. There was an egg in the nest she went in so I watched to see what she would do. She scratched around a bit and kind of sat on the egg. She kept looking at it like she thought it was a bit uncomfortable. When I looked at this photo, I noticed MORE ORBS!!!


One of the black sex-link hens came to greet the bantams, and one of the roosters came back inside to flirt a little. 

After the bantams went outside I hoped they would move elsewhere before the other chickens came out. BUT…img_3318

That didn’t happen. I didn’t get photos of what led to this, but it as pretty funny and it happened so fast. The Old English were on the grass in front of the step and i was behind them. The Sheriff stepped on the door sill and in a split second, even faster maybe, Rooster #1 hit him so hard he saw stars! Sheriff kind of staggered for a few minutes not knowing what had happened. Then he stepped out of the door and Rooster #1 went right up and challenged him. I got between then and tried to keep them apart. BUT, #1 being so small and faster than the speed of light, darted under my hand and nabbed the Sheriff again. That just made him mad! Actually, both of them were very ticked off at this point. I got them apart and the bantams moved on toward the back yard where they usually stay when they are outside. Then, #1 ran back down and challenged the Sheriff again. That’s when i took the photo.

But it didn’t stop there… Usually the Sheriff and deputy get along fine, and still are. But Deputy, or the Deputy (GEEZ!) kind of sensed the Sheriff was pissed off so he didn’t even come outside for a while. The whole ordeal was quite amusing. I think the Deputy was trying to hold back his laughter and the Sheriff knew he was making fun of him. I mean, just think of it… Look at the photo and notice how much bigger the Sheriff is compared to #1. The funny thing is, I think #1 would actually get the best of the Sheriff. 

(Better explain their names… Sheriff (or the Sheriff) is the Delaware rooster. Deputy (or the Deputy) is the White Chantecler rooster. The Old English Game Bantams are #1, #2 and #3. From the most dominate down to the least… Unfortunately, my buddy is #3).

Well, after the bantams and other chickens had got over the whole deal and were in their separate areas I went inside. After an hour or so, I can out and checked on them and everything was fine still. BUT then later I went out and it seemed the bantams had been squabbling. #3, my little buddy, had a couple of spots on his comb and #1 was kind of bullying him. SO, I knew something was not good. Then later when I went to put them inside their pen, the other two roosters didn’t want #1 with them. OH, that was NO GOOD at all! #3 was so upset, and maybe sore from a beating, he wouldn’t even let me pick him up. So, I walked out of their pen and held it open a little and he followed me out. The bigger chickens had already went to roost, so I left him in the main part of the chicken house. After it got dark I went to the chicken house and he was sitting on the nests. SO, I put him in the small coop outside.

Now, there is a moral to this story… The bantams love being outside, but since #3 has free run outside, they can’t go out. I guess that goes to show you if you pick on the little guy, he still may get the best end of the deal. 

Well, it is time for dinner… I did get the Celosia page finished on the right. I have been working on my online business so I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the blog. BUT, soon it will be finished. Maybe…

SO, I’ll leave for now. I hope you are enjoying whatever life brings your way and REMEMBER… GET DIRTY!



4 comments on “FAMILY FUED!!!

  1. Jim Ruebush says:

    Keep an eye on your chickens. Sounds like some disputes are unsettled.

    Liked by 1 person

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