Goeppertia ornata (Syn. Calathea ornata)-Pinstripe Plant

Goeppertia ornata (Syn. Calathea ornata)(Pinstripe Plant) on 8-25-12, #116-10.

Pinstripe Plant

Goeppertia ornata

GOP-per-tia  or-NAH-tuh
(just guessing)


Calathea ornata

ka-LAY-thee-uh  or-NAH-tuh

Synonyms of Goeppertia ornata (9) (Updated on 1-26-21): Calathea arrecta Lindl. & André (1871), Calathea ornata (Linden) Körn (1858), Calathea ornata var. albolineata Körn. (1860), Calathea ornata var. roseolineata Körn. (1860), Maranta coriifolia Regel (1879), Maranta ornata Linden (1848), Phrynium ornatum (Linden) K.Koch (1857), Phyllodes arrecta (Lindl. & André) Kuntze (1891), Phyllodes ornata (Linden) Kuntze (1891)

Commonly sold by the name of Calathea ornata. There are MANY popular species and cultivars.

Goeppertia ornata (Lindl.) Borchs. & S. Suárez is now the correct and accepted name for this plant. It was named and described by Finn Borchsenius and Stella Suárez in Systematic Botany in 2012. It was first named Maranta ornata by John Lindley and described in Flore des Serres et des Jardins de l’Europe in 1848.

The Goeppertia genus was first named and described by Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck in Linnaea in 1831. The genus was named after Johann Heinrich Robert Göppert. He was a German botanist and paleontologist.

Plants of the World Online still lists 243 species in the Goeppertia genus (as of 1-26-21 when I updated this page after being resurrected in 2012 (I think)). It is a member of the plant family Marantaceae with 29 genera. Those numbers could change as updates are made.

Members of the genus are native to Mexico and much of South America. The species, Goeppertia ornata, is native to Columbia and Venezuela.

I bought this Pinstripe Plant from Lowe’s in Greenville, Mississippi while living at the mansion on August 25, 2012. It wasn’t doing so hot when I bought it from the discount rack. They always gave me good deals and the pot it was in was worth more than the plant. Honestly, I acquired a lot of nice pots that way. This plant didn’t survive long after I bought it. I think the cool, wet conditions at Lowe’s did it in before I brought it home.

I didn’t have this plant very long so I can’t give you any information about my personal experience. When I lived with my brother in Minnesota, they had a HUGE Prayer Plant, Maranta leuconeurain a pot that was in a tuba in their sunroom. It was an awesome looking plant and did very well there.

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2 comments on “Goeppertia ornata (Syn. Calathea ornata)-Pinstripe Plant

  1. Denis Rotolante says:

    How do you pronounce the “Goep” in the word? Goop or Gep or Geep?


    • Hello Dennis! Latin can be tricky. I use the pronunciation given from Dave’s Garden but sometimes there is none. I would say Goeppertia is pronounced go-PER-tia or gop-PER-tia since it has two “p’s” following two vowels. I will question someone who might possibly know. I hope this helps. Thanks for the comment!


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