Coleus ‘Wasabi’

Coleus ‘Wasabi’ when I received it as a cutting on 6-11-12, #99-29.

Coleus “Wasabi’
Plectranthus scutellarioides
plek-TRAN-thus skew-tell-ar-ee-OH-ih-deez
Solenostemon scutellarioides
sol-en-oh-STEM-on skew-tell-ar-ee-OH-ih-deez

I was given my Coleus ‘Wasabi’ as a cutting from the owner of Pleasant Acres Nursery in Leland, Mississippi in the spring of 2012. This one was sure to brighten up any area and looks great with darker leaves plants.

Coleus ‘Wasabi’ on 7-3-12, #107-49.

Coleus ‘Wasabi’ comes from Ball FloraPlant, a division of Ball Horticultural Company. It is patented under the name ‘UFO843’ (PP23,585).

Coleus ’Wasabi’ grows well in shade or sun to 18-30” tall x 16-28” wide. It has nearly flawless, heavily serrated chartreuse leaves. Its name does remind me of the Wasabi I tried while I was living in Minnesota. However, unlike what I ate, I will be trying the Coleus ‘Wasabi’ in the future.


Coleus ‘Wasabi’ on 8-10-12, #114-34. The color is off because I was borrowing a friends camera. His setting was not set properly and I didn’t know it at the time.

Even though Coleus ‘Wasabi did not flower, mine did not branch out very well… So, maybe, it needs to be pinched when it is still small so it will branch out and be fuller.


Coleus ‘Wasabi’ on 8-12-12, #115-47.

The above photo shows it after I cut the top off and re-potted the cutting. I should have done after it started growing.


Coleus ‘Wasabi’ cuttings for overwintering in the sunroom on 11-22-13, #130-9.

Even though I took cuttings for the 2013 season I had to give them up as with most of my other plants. I moved back to the farm in mid-Missouri in February 2013 so I gave most of my plants to friends in Mississippi.

Results from many trials throughout the country gave Coleus ‘Wasabi’ high ratings. Mine did not achieve it’s full potential because I did not pinch it at an early age. It did prove to be a strong grower and the color is a shock to the senses. SO, if you have an opportunity to try this Coleus, I highly recommend you do. I know if we ever meet again, I will definitely bring one home.

If you have any comments or questions about this Coleus I would love to hear from you.

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