Coleus ‘Songbird’

Coleus ‘Songbird’ on 5-23-17, #332-1

Coleus ‘Songbird’
Plectranthus scutellarioides
plek-TRAN-thus skew-tell-ar-ee-OH-ih-deez
Solenostemon scutellarioides
sol-en-oh-STEM-on skew-tell-ar-ee-OH-ih-deez

I bought this beautiful Coleus from the garden center in Clinton on May 22, 2017. Apparently, there is an older “version” of Coleus ‘Songbird’ as I found out when I did some research online.

Coleus ‘Songbird’ in the bed on the north side of the house needing a drink on 5-26-17, #334-7.

Most websites do not mention the breeder, as with many Coleus, but I think maybe, possibly, the breeder of Coleus ’Songbird’ is a company called Athena Brazil (according to C. Raker & Sons trial of this cultivar in 2014). The Athena Brazil website says their program features over 50 varieties of Coleus.


Coleus ‘Songbird’ on 6-11-17, #343-7.

The tag that came with the plant says this cultivar grows to 30” tall. Information from the internet says anywhere from 18 to 28” and up to 24” plus wide. The 2014 trial from C. Raker & Sons says in week 34 Coleus ’Songbird’ measured 27” tall x 27” wide.


Coleus ‘Songbird’ on 6-24-17, #349-24.

Most of the photos of Coleus ‘Songbird’ online are much more colorful. Mine is nearly black! Descriptions say the leaves of Coleus ‘Songbird’ are a combination of purple and magenta edged in green.


Coleus ‘Songbird’ on 7-11-17, #356-8.

This Coleus is very adaptable from sun to shade. Probably the color of this plant’s leaves has a lot to do with the kind of light it receives.


Coleus ‘Songbird’ on 7-19-17, #357-18.

After several months it did start producing flowers that needed pinched. I think possibly I should have pinched it so it would have branched out more. Every photo looks almost alike except that it is definitely getting taller.

It is just August 17 when I am making this page so there will be a few months of photos left to take.

So far I give the Coleus ‘Songbird’ a five gold star rating for color, strong growth, heat tolerance, etc. We have had plenty of rain this year so I have only had water it twice.

If you have any comments or questions about this Coleus I would love to hear them. I hope you liked the page.


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