Coleus ‘Kong® Red’

My first Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ from Pleasant Acres Nursery of Leland, Mississippi on 5-31-12, #95-5.

Coleus ‘Kong® Red’
Plectranthus scutellarioides
plek-TRAN-thus skew-tell-ar-ee-OH-ih-deez
Solenostemon scutellarioides
sol-en-oh-STEM-on skew-tell-ar-ee-OH-ih-deez

Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ was my second of the Kong® series. I purchased this plant from Pleasant Acres Nursery in the spring of 2012. I always like big, exotic looking plants, so this one was right up my alley from the start.

Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ on 6-11-12, #99-27. I put several Coleus cuttings in a pot with a Banana…

Kong® is a registered trademark of the Ball Horticultural Company. Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ was bred by the Sakata Seed Corporation and patented under the name ‘Kakegawa CE12’ (US PVP200500015).


Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ on 7-3-12, #107-47.

Pruning is not necessary as the Kong series have very short internodes. They will branch out on their own. They have an upright, mounding growth habit reaching 18-20 inches tall and 15-18 inches wide.


Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ on 7-3-12, #107-48.

The rest of the photos of my Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ in Mississippi were taken with a friend’s camera. The settings weren’t set correctly and I didn’t realize it for a while.


Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ cutting in the west sunroom at the mansion in Mississippi on 11-27-12, #134-5.

I took several cuttings of my Coleus to overwinter for 2013, but I sold the mansion and moved back to the farm in mid-Missouri. I could not take my Coleus cuttings so I gave them to a good friend of mine. Along with hundreds of other pots I left behind.


Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ on 5-21-15, #260-10.

Luckily in 2015, Wagler’s Greenhouse had a few Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ available so I bought one.


Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ on 6-14-15, #268-20.

I transplanted it in the bed on the north side of the house where it gets some morning and late afternoon sun and shade the rest of the time.


Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ on 6-27-15, #270-17.

The Kong series Coleus need to be in part to full shade. Intense sun can burn their leaves.


Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ on 7-12-15, #271-55.

The Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ performed very well all summer long despite a few times being pretty hot and dry.


Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ on 10-3-17, #272-12.

Even toward the end of the season, Coleus ‘Kong® Red’ was still strutting. I give this Coleus a five gold star rating for color, performance, heat tolerance, strong growth, low maintenance, etc. This is one AWESOME plant!

Hopefully, we will meet again and I can bring another one home. Regretfully, at this time, I don’t have a suitable location in the house to overwinter Coleus cuttings. You never know from year to year what will be available locally so if you are able, it is a good idea to learn how to overwinter cuttings.

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