Hosta ‘Queen Josephine’? (Bought as H. ‘Josephine’)

Hosta ‘Josephine’ on 5-1-09, #12-39.

Hosta ‘Queen Josephine’

I bought a Hosta ‘Josephine’ from an Ebay seller in 2009. It did fairly well but for some weird reason, I only took two photos. Now, you can see the small label next to this plant in the above photo and apparently I had used a wooden popsicle stick…


Hmmmm… Photo taken on 4-15-12, #86-38.

The second photo was taken in 2012 and writing on the plastic label next to it completed faded away. There had been a mix-up if, I remember correctly when Hosta started coming up in the spring. They were under a Crape Myrtle tree and the birds and especially the squirrels were always digging for seed and some of the labels were missing. You can also tell the above photo doesn’t look like the same Hosta in the first photo. I know it is the same plant because of previous “group” photos.

When I started making this page for Hosta ‘Josephine’ I did further research. I found out that my Hosta ‘Josephine’, either photo actually, is definitely NOT a Hosta ‘Josephine’. Hosta ‘Josephine’ has irregular splashes, not creamy white margins. Strange I hadn’t caught this before! Oh well, like grandma always said, “To err is human.”

It is possible that this Hosta is actually Hosta ‘Queen Josephine’ and the seller got the name wrong or may they had bought a Hosta that was incorrectly labeled. You know how the story goes… If a plant is incorrectly labeled and passed along, it is always incorrectly named.

Either way, I am not sure what happened to this Hosta because it did not come with me when I moved back to the family farm in mid-Missouri in 2013. It could have met the same fate as my Hosta ‘Robert Frost’ and died while in Mississippi.

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