Alocasia brancifolia

Alocasia brancifolia on 5-1-09, #12-3.

Alocasia brancifolia

Syn. Xenophya brancifolia Schott

Alocasia brancifolia (Schott) A.Hay is the correct and accepted scientific name for this species. It was described as such by Alistair Hay in Aroids Papua New Guinea in 1990. It was first described as Xenophya brancifolia by Heinrich Wilhelm Schott in Annales Musei Botanica Lugduno-Batavi in 1863.


Alocasia brancifolia on 9-22-09, #39-3.

I bought my Alocasia brancifolia from Wellspring Gardens as a starter plant in the spring of 2009. It did fine all summer, but went dormant over the winter after I dug the plant and brought inside… Well, the bulb then rotted because I tried to force it to come up to soon. Well, I was an Alocasia newbee at the time. Live and learn.

This species of Alocasia is native to Papua, New Guinea. It grows to a mature height of 24-36″, one site said 42″. It is cold hardy in USDA Zones 10a-11 (30-40 degrees) but it will not tolerate a frost. One website said it was cold hardy in zone 9, and one even said zone 8 with a good mulch. One website said “It will go dormant below 34. Very funny!!! It prefers light to partial shade, and will sometimes even tolerate full shade. Probably my suggestion would be rather dappled shade or under trees that are limbed high, with some morning sun.

There are many Alocasia I want to try, and I would also like to try this one again now that I have gained a little more experience about Alocasia. 

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