Amaryllis Hybrid

Amaryllis on 4-15-12, #86-14.


The Amaryllis needs no introduction at all. There are so many great hybrid Amaryllis to choose from today in many colors and bi-colors. I found the bulb in a box of Suzanne’s stuff in 2009 and planted it… It came up and did very well all summer, but of course, it didn’t flower. At the time I didn’t know how to make it flower so I just let it grow.


Amaryllis on 4-15-12, #86-12.

In 2010  I decided to try and get it to flower. To do this, it first had to go dormant. I put the pot in the closet and withheld water in September 2010 I think. Slowly, one by one, the leaves died until there were no leaves left. This process takes a while… I don’t remember when, but at some point I noticed a leaf starting to emerge so I took it out of the closet. Still no flowers…


Amaryllis on 4-18-12, #87-2.

I tried it again in the fall of 2011. This time, I put it in a smaller pot and did not give it any water. After a while, all the leaves went dormant. After several months of neglect in the dark, I noticed a leaf and a bud coming up… It was funny because they were completely white because it had been in the dark. I took the pot out of the closet and it continued to grow and green up. It produced four beautiful red flowers!


Amaryllis on 4-18-12, #87-3.

Funny thing is that one of my neighbors had them growing in her flower bed… Here all this time I had mine in a pot and she left hers outside to go dormant and come up and flower naturally. Well, you can do that in the south, but being from Missouri I had no clue.

Amaryllis are very easy to grow and get to flower. It just requires a little patience.

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Pacific Bulb Society
University of Nebraska Extension
Missouri Botanical Garden
University of Minnesota Extension

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