Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Interview About The COVID-19 Vaccine. MUST WATCH!

This interview by Reinette Senum with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is the scariest so far. It takes over an hour to watch, but you need to listen carefully and pay attention… I AM NOT a conspiracy theorist and I don’t share anything unless I think it is true and very important…

Click on the title, “EXPLAINS HOW THE DEPOPULATION MRNA VACCINES WILL START WORKING IN 3-6 MONTHS” to watch. You can’t click on the arrow because it is just a photo…


VAXXTER (A Scientific articles exposing vaccine myths and pharma foibles). You can find Dr. Tenpenny’s blog on that site.

I wouldn’t make any hasty decisions about taking the vaccine until you watch this interview…

I just want to say I posted this interview because I want you to understand you have options. So much on the news and online prays on people’s fears. We need the facts from both sides in a truthful honest way so we won’t make decisions based on fear. The interview was great, but I think their emphasis on population control could have been avoided. It raises fear which promotes hasty decisions and causes issues between both sides. It makes one side hide the truth. People in America are not puppets because of our freedoms and constitution. While some may blindly follow without question, those of us so will not will stand up for the freedom and rights for everyone. I am not a conspiracy theorist, and when they talk about the government and this and that it sounds somewhat like conspiracy theory…

We have an immune system that has always been perfectly capable of building our immunity when a virus enters our body. True vaccines, in my opinion, have always contained a small amount of the virus which allows our immune system to build immunity. Apparently, the COVID vaccines do not contain the virus. Ingredients in the vaccine “mask” the virus allowing it to enter the body undetected. Somehow, I just don’t think that is a good idea…

I know there are a lot of people who have been waiting for the vaccine and I know a lot of people personally who have already taken the first round. I also know several people who have contacted the virus and recovered, even one lady that is 91… I also had a friend who had a few health issues who caught the virus and died. His wife contacted the virus and is recovering. He was a very good man and he will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and a lot of people in the community…

If it is true that COVID-19 is a manufactured virus, it just pisses me off. Sorry, if saying that offends you. I am not scared of this virus. It just upsets me that very good, honest, hardworking people have died from it. I look at the statistics on WorldMeteres.com on occasion and compare the number of tests administered by the total amount of cases, new cases daily, totally recovered, deaths, etc.

Personally, I do not wear a mask unless it is required where I go. Even at church where just about everyone is wearing a mask, I don’t wear one. In my small community, probably about 50/50 of the people wear masks when they go shopping. One Wal-Mart I go to on occasion in a nearby community requires masks, so I always wear one there. I was at a much larger community at Wal-Mart and was surprised to see the many people weren’t wearing masks and social distancing was barely observed… Earlier, there were employees standing at the door making sure everyone wore a mask and that only a certain amount of people were allowed in the store at a time. That is not happening now…

The number of infected people are climbing because of the number of tests being administered. I would like to know how many people tested had contacted the virus and got over it that never showed any symptoms… Personally, I think that would be a very high number… Why would they need a vaccine if they already have antibodies? What will happen to people who have antibodies that take the vaccine? Hmmm…

If you can’t tell by now, I will not take the vaccine. I am 60 years old and I have never taken the flu or pneumonia shot. I eat a fairly healthy diet and take a few natural supplements when I think about it. I am healthy and take no medications. I am not against doctors or medication if people need it. I had to have surgery for kidney stones in January 2020 and certainly welcomed a good dose of morphine. 🙂 I applaud the good doctors we have around the world and all they do.

Anyway, life is a great experience and dying doesn’t bother me in the least.

There is a lot going on around the world and the media is misleading. I do not watch the news on TV, the radio, or read newspapers and haven’t most of my life. If I want to know something, I do thorough research on the subject. We have to be informed, but we have to know the truth.

Your comments are greatly appreciated…

8 comments on “Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Interview About The COVID-19 Vaccine. MUST WATCH!

  1. Please cancel my subscription to your blog. Thank you.


  2. Littlesundog says:

    We practice a very healthy eating lifestyle here, and for years I have raised much of our food – vegetables and herbs, and harvesting native fruits, plants and roots. Forrest is a hunter and any meats we purchase are clean. We rarely visit a doctor unless it’s an injury (cuts that need stitches or possible fracture) and have not been on any medications in decades. We educate ourselves about health and wellness. It never occurred to us that we needed a vaccine for Covid. We’ve observed nieces and nephews struggle with obesity and health issues. We’ve watched them bring up children with many autoimmune disorders and loads of health issues. I have watched my mother’s medical people put her on all sorts of meds – some absolutely not necessary. My siblings are on loads of medications and opt for surgical procedures and yet, few of them question the decisions made for them by the doctors. I think at the root of the problem, is a horrible diet. And, we have lost our desire to care. It’s easier to take a pill, or listen to a lie than to question what is happening to us – to our bodies, and do the research it takes to understand. We’ve trusted the government – all of those lies about what is good for us (USDA, AMA, CDC, FDA), and we teach our children to follow the same path.

    I found the video you linked to be very informative. Dr. Tenpenny does an excellent job explaining why the vaccine is dangerous. Much of it took me back to basic high school biology and books that I have recently studied on the importance of the foods we eat to keep our bodies running well. I won’t be jumping off the cliff called “vaccine”, but I won’t be able to stop most of my family from doing it. Sad as it is to see loved ones move forth into dangerous waters, I also realize we’re all just practicing free will. Hopefully, the vaccine will not be mandated like mask wearing. The path to Communism seems to be more prevalent than ever.

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  3. Jonathan Rex says:

    I would like to make it clear that I do not want anyone to get vaccinated if they are not comfortable with vaccines.

    The crux of Dr Tenpenny’s argument is that the most dangerous issue with the new vaccines is the Antivirus-Dependant Enhancement suppressing the ‘repair’ actions of your immune system, whilst letting the damaging inflammatory actions run amok. The suggestion that ADE can result in Acute Respiratory Distress and death is pretty accurate.

    I watched another video of her explaining this, and went to her Blog because I too was rather concerned and surprised by this news.

    There is a link on her blog to the 19 page research paper she refers too, which whilst written in rather dense and technical language does describe worrying amplified damage observed when already vaccinated test subjects were infected with SARS-CoV virus. What did surprise me was that this was a paper written in July 2018, and published in February 2019.

    Ok I thought, that’s not the Covid-19 virus, that is the original SARS virus from the outbreak in 2003-2004, sometimes written as SARS-CoV-1. So I started to wonder if these new vaccines caused ADE as Dr Tenpenny warned they would with SARS-CoV-2. That she claims that very few Doctors have bothered to read this 19 page document, and are basically negligent in not taking the time to do so are very serious claims.

    Whilst reading her blog further I also checked out some of the other links one of which was information written in May 2020, regarding animal tests of the AstraZenica vaccine.

    In that report which Sherri links I was surprised to read a paragraph (Lines 167 – 173) that mentioned the pre-clinical trials for a SARS-CoV-1 vaccine that resulted in worse outcomes in vaccinated test subjects than not vaccinated. Also that the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in their test showed none of the indications of ADE, and in fact the opposite seemed to be evident. It was the damaging inflammatory immune responses that were being suppressed.

    This led me to do more searching for information about ADE and the new vaccines, and the wider a search I did, it became evident that in fact the community did know about the research paper Sherri referenced, it was very widely known about in fact.

    It also became clear from the search that very early in 2020 due to the very effect of ADE, one of the first candidate vaccines for Covid-19 did indeed look like it may result in ADE, so was scrapped. A new site on the spike protein was chosen for the next version of a vaccine, which does not cause ADE in humans. Like the one written in May 2020 discussed above, the vast majority of papers written after February 2019 discussing vaccine design, show that ADE is something to be mindful of and always take it into consideration.

    ADE is an issue when a vaccinated person is infected. An major real world indicator that in fact the opposite to what Sherri predicted happens, are the indications from the 25 Million + real world recipients of the new vaccines in the UK alone. Vaccinated people do not suffer severe disease if reinfected

    So what happened when Sherri wrote that Blog in December 2020? How come she was not aware of all these other more recent papers. Too, I found them really easily, how come she couldn’t? or more worryingly did she deliberately not mention them?

    Anyway, the upshot is that fortunately we have a number of vaccines to choose from, none of which cause ADE.

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    • Hello Jonathan! Thanks for your comment and thanks for doing moe thorough research. You are probably right that Dr. Tenpenny may not have wanted to mention the more recent papers if she even read them… Some of us have a tendency to be one-sided when it comes to many issues (health, religion, politics, etc.). When we make up our mind we aren’t going to follow something, we tend to look for more reasons why. I just don’t want to take it because it seems weird to have a vaccine for a virus that doesn’t have any of the virus in it to build up an immunity. I have watched several interviews explaining how it works but I am still reluctant… People can do as they choose and it is their right to take it or not. If I were married and my wife wanted to take the vaccine, I would welcome her decision. I am glad the people who are taking the vaccine are not having issues. I don’t know where Dr. Tenpenny got her numbers that said 45,000 have suffered adverse reactions… I like real numbers but they are hard to come by even from reliable sites… I know several people who have taken the vaccine and I have only heard of one person that had a reaction from the second dose. Thanks again for your comment and for telling me and all the readers of this post what your research found. Take care!


  4. Annette says:

    I’m delighted to see that there are more awoken people out there who are not afraid to speak the truth. We know a few people who’ve got vaccinated and they ALL had serious side effects. The best is yet to come in a couple of months. I guess you follow Dolores Cahill et al. Why should the whole world be vaccinated against a virus that is dangerous for 0,1%…by the way the virus has never been isolated and thousands of mutations have gone around since it arrived. Doctors have said that they have no way of registering side effects, so it’s probably only the tip of the iceberg what we’re hearing. It remains a effect that deaths and “infections” (=positive test results) have risen where vaccination activity is most intense. In Germany they’ve found out that vaccinated people turn into superspreaders, transmitting dangerous mutations to others, so watch out and keep a distance to them. Keep up the good work

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    • Hello Annette! I know a lot of people from the church I attend that have taken the shots. So many older folks are scared of the virus and are afraid to get out of the house. They have taken the vaccine so they will feel safer and are now getting out and about. I don’t know Delores Cahill but I will see if I can find out who she is. I don’t read the news or watch the news on TV because what we are told by the media is not exactly the way it is. I have a friend and a sister who keep me informed quite enough. GEEZ! None of the numbers we are given are accurate either… You know, we are exposed to viruses all the time we aren’t aware of and our immune system handles it. I am concerned what the vaccine will do when it encounters other viruses. Will it treat them the same way as it is supposed to do with COVID? Time will tell what will ultimately happen… Take care and stay safe. Thanks so much for the comment!

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      • Annette says:

        Of course bacteria and viruses are part of us and have always been around- They’ll still be around when our pathetic species has gone to…well, whereever 😉 Check out Dolores Cahill. An mRNA vaccine is completely new and has never been done before, it’s us producing the virus! So when you encounter the corona virus in the wild, wich is very likely, and you’re vaccinated you risk getting a cytokine storm and may die. People are scared because they have been brain-washed very efficiently for the past year. If you only consume mainstream media you’re lost. Here in Europe the old people who have been vaccinated have no advantages whatsoever. They still have to isolate and can’t see their loved ones. Big pharma is having the time of their lives, and big brother too…if they get away with it but I firmly believe they won’t. The good will win in the end. Don’t stay safe bit awake and alert 😉 big changes are ahead

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