To Use The Classic Editor…

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well, maybe even better than before. Shortly after I wrote the last post I figured out what I need to do to do to get to the classic editor. Even though I had sent an email to support I didn’t check it until today and man was it long. Things had only changed a little and all I had to do was pay attention to what had changed. But, after you have been doing the same thing the same way for so long you don’t always notice one small, little detail…

Your dashboard may not even look like this. When I first started blogging in 2009 then moved and started a new blog in 2013 the dashboard looked similar to this. Then, when I started the current blog in January 2017 it was all different and blue… I got on a chat with support and they gave me a link to what I was used to. This is just part of the page and there are more features below the Feedback. If your dashboard looks different, I think you have to type and it will take you to this style dashboard.


Scroll down to “Posts” and click or click on “All Posts”… DO NOT CLICK ON “ADD NEW” OR IT WILL TAKE YOU THE NEW EDITOR.


After clicking you will see “Add New” with an arrow next to it. This is the small detail I had previously missed…


When you click on the arrow you are given the choice to click on “Block Editor” or “Classic Editor”.


There it is… The Classic Editor. Without having to upgrade to the business plan.

Thank goodness WordPress is meeting the needs of its seasoned bloggers and allowing us a choice instead of making us learn to use the new editor.

Ummm… The green dot is from Grammarly and not part of WordPress.

So, that’s how it works. I am working on a new post and all is well. Until next time, be safe, stay positive, be well and you know the rest…

18 comments on “To Use The Classic Editor…

  1. Keld Herbst says:

    Good job! I am with you on this.

    I have a bunch of websites, and for several reasons I’ve been using the free Google Sites for all of them, even for my rather extended genealogy website, that keeps growing and growing. But in September they announced that users had to change to the “New” Google sites, or watch their “Classic” sites disappear by November 1st.

    This was a bummer to me. Even as all my sites except the genealogy site could easily be converted, the genealogy site couldn’t, as the design and navigation on the “new” sites isn’t very well suited for such a website. Now, what to do?

    I located a host, purchased a domain, and started a new site, by manually moving all data from my old genealogy site to the new domain. The task wasn’t small or easy, as there were hundreds of pages to move, and I couldn’t just copy and paste all the data. Furthermore, I had never previously used WordPress, and at 68 the brain seems to be less willing to learn new stuff than earlier in life. Still, I kept on, and today I am somewhat proud that it’s looking good and works as intended.

    I am almost through the task, and it WILL be completed by Nov. 1st 🙂

    If you’re interested, you’re welcome have a look:


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    • Hello Keld! I haven’t heard from you in a while. I went to your website and it is AMAZING! I can imagine how time-consuming it has been to transfer so much information. So much is changing in so many areas. It is weird… I wish there was an explanation why so many sites are suddenly upgrading. Even the programs at some offices use have been upgrading and driving employees nuts.

      I am interested in geneology but my niece is working on our family history. I am not sure how far she has gotten but I have helped as much as I could. I am working with the census bureau and so many people don’t even know their family origin.

      WordPress is pretty easy to use, in my opinion. Once you find a theme that fits your needs and personality it works really well. If you pay for one of the plans you get chat support which is always helpful.

      Great to hear from you and I wish you continued success on your sites.


  2. katechiconi says:

    I found this the other day, after WP changed my blog over. I hate the new editor, so non-intuitive and prescriptive. Give me the Classic any day. And thanks to that tiny little arrow, I have it back, thank goodness! Good for you, too, for showing everyone what to do!

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    • Hello Kate! I am glad you figured it out! I just couldn’t think about having to use the new editor after trying it out a few times. I am glad WordPress provided a way to keep using the classic editor like it has been. I know it works so much better for me and those of us who have been using it all this time. That’s why we keep using it. I wasn’t finished with my last post and when I went to finish it was all changed. GEEZ! I thought “HOLY CRAP! NOW, WHAT?”
      I only had two last photos to add so I did them with the new editor and the captions didn’t get in the right place. At some point I will have to fix it.

      OH, I want to tell you I bought a new flannel quilt for the winter. It is NICE! I will have to post about it.

      Take care always and thanks for the comment!

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  3. This gets a Maine “Wowsah,” something I don’t give lightly. I will be sharing this gem on my blog. Many, many thanks!

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  4. Erica/Erika says:

    Nice to meet you, Belmont Rooster, I am visiting from Laurie Graves site. I tried to find out your name and I became lost in reading your interesting posts. Beautiful photos. I have subscribed to your site and I look forward to reading more. Erica

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    • Hello Erica/Erika! Glad to meet you by way of Laurie. 🙂 I visited your blog and read about your name. That would be perplexing to be calling yourself Erica for many years only to find it spelled differently on your birth certificate. That would be weird. I always said I don’t care what you call me as long as you call me for dinner. 🙂 I saw that in an old TV show when I was a kid and I always remembered it. Anyway, my real name is Lonnie and that is what my birth certificate says as well. 🙂 Nice to meet you and I am happy to have you aboard. I am now following your blog now but I admit I am a bit tardy in reading other bloggers posts. Shame on me! Take care and thanks for the comment!

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      • Erica/Erika says:

        Hi Lonnie, The name thing did cause issues when it came to passport renewal. After I wrote the name post, I was surprised to learn almost everyone has a story about their name. Very funny, on as long as you call me for dinner. We also use that phrase around our house. I don’t know where it came from. I look forward to learning more about you.🙂

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        • That is interesting how so many people have a story behind their name. I have none. LOL!

          I think the phrase started out being something like “I don’t care what you call me (or call me what you want) as long as you don’t call me late for dinner (or sometimes breakfast). I wish I could remember what TV show I first heard it on but it has been a very long time ago. But when someone can’t remember my name or gets it wrong I always say… well, you know. 🙂 I am certainly not one to miss a meal if someone else is cooking. 🙂

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    WHAT?! Why didn’t any one mention this earlier?! I must check into this. I had gone a long time without switching, but it eventually did it on its own. I would prefer to go back to how it was before.

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    • Hello Tony! I discovered the arrow by accident so I am not sure how long it has been there. Until the previous post, I could start out with the classic editor automatically. It usually takes me several days to finish a post which has never been a problem. I just save it as a draft then pick up where I left off later. Then when I went to finish the last one it was in the new editor. I thought I was screwed. Anyway, I finished with the new editor because when I attempted to change it said I couldn’t because I had started with the new editor. Well, that was baffling because I hadn’t started with the new editor at all. Luckily, I later found the arrow and decided to click on it and found the options. I had sent an email to support which I didn’t read until afterward. My email connected to the blog is not the one I use for the blog which is another weird story and I can’t change it. When I did read the email it was quite lengthy and they provided a multitude of ways to use the classic editor. Anyway, thank goodness WordPress had provided a quick solution with the arrow. I hope it works for you. Take care and thanks for the comment.

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