Homo neglectus…

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you all well. We had a nice rain during the night receiving 3 8/10 inches. There were periods of strong wind with a lot of thunder and lightning. There was lightning all around us for several hours before it finally started raining here.

The above photo is the south bed which I have been tardy attending to. I enjoy reading many posts of bloggers that show photos of your well-maintained beds and gardens. Well, that is not the case here. I have fallen a little behind since the beginning of spring this year with mower issues and this and that. I feel fine but something is just a little off with my get-up-and-go. Maybe it is because getting behind mowing, trimming, picking up brush, weeds and so on became a little overwhelming. Maybe I have to much yard (at least 3 acres) to keep up with. That may not sound like a lot, but when one mower is broke down most of the time and the old one only works so so… I finally did figure out one of the major problems with the bigger mowers cutting issue and it works much better now (for now). The older John Deere mower is probably around 20 years old, but I am not sure. Dad didn’t remember when he bought it. A couple of years ago we decided we needed a new mower. We were at the repair shop and saw a bigger John Deere for sale. We checked it out and I drove it home. It had a few issues right off the bat and soon this and that needed to be repaired. After spending over $200 within the first month, dad was ready to get rid of it. This is the third season with it and, just guessing, I would say it has cost $400 in repairs and parts, which is what we paid for it in the first place. Of course, this mower new would have cost MUCH more than $400. You know what they say… “You get what you paid for.”

This mower did not come with a manual so when something was a little weird I would get online for answers. YouTube has been great. I had questions about the front height adjustment and could never figure out why this one, um, “rod” appeared to be backward. It was the height adjustment rod that fits into the mower deck. It was rubbing on the main belt pulley which just didn’t make sense at all. Plus, adjusting the height just didn’t have any effect. So, I checked with YouTube and saw the “bracket” the rod went through was bent forward toward the deck and it was supposed to be in the other direction. Then I found out it was broke and barely hanging on. So, I removed it, which wasn’t easy either. I had it welded back together, put it back on, then put the “rod” back in the right direction. Now the mower appears to be cutting like it is supposed to after all this time. GEEZ!

You may have remembered reading in several posts back when my son and a friend of his moved in with me. Trust me, it wasn’t my idea and I tried discouraging the situation. They promised to help out on the farm and the yard, and while that notion sounded good, I almost knew that was too good to be true. My son’s friend has mowed with the “older” mower a few times but not exactly up to my standards. For the life of me, I cannot figure out his concept of mowing but I don’t say anything because I am thankful to have a little help. I guess for me, mowing is more than just going back and forth or round in circles. The last time I was mowing the area in front of the chicken house he started mowing the main yard. Off and on I would look over at what he was doing and sometimes the mower would be sitting there without him anywhere around. When I was finished mowing, the mower he was using was sitting in the back yard by the fence. He had mowed quite a bit but there was something definitely wrong. Every strip he had mowed was uneven. Very short on one side and high on the other. So, I went over to see what the issue could be. Ummm… One of the rear tires was completely flat and he had been mowing this way the whole time! When I mentioned it to him, he said he noticed something was wrong from the start. I told him when he notices something is a little off, that is when you check to see what the problem is. GEEZ! Interestingly, my son has mentioned repeatedly how good “the other guy” is with a trimmer. Neither one of them has used it since they have been here.

Part of my problem was “waiting” to see what they would do. I have given them a list of things they could do around the yard but that was pretty much useless. While they are on their cell phones or playing games, running here and there, having friends over, etc., the list is nonexistent. Staying up all night and sleeping all day doesn’t help either. Nor does it help them find a job. I guess my frustration with them is that pretty much everything they said they would do before they came has not happened, or only in part.

My son had cut quite a few limbs off the trees that were hanging down. While I kind of liked the effect and would just dodge the lower limbs when I mowed, “the friend” found them particularly annoying. So, my son cut the lower branches off of the trees in the front yard and took them to the brush pile. Then, he cut them off a tree in the back yard and didn’t move them. He said he thought “we” could pick them up and put them in the back of the pickup. Then, instead of doing that, they went on a week-long road trip with friends. I reminded them before they left they needed to vacuum the floor, clean up their mess in the kitchen (basically clean up their messes) and move the branches. Hmmm… That didn’t happen. While they were away I needed to mow the yard. Instead of moving the limbs to the brush pile, I just piled them around the tree. I decided he needs to finish what he started. What would you do?

So many times we rely on others to do something before we can begin or finish what we are doing or want to do. How many times has that bit you in the butt? It is like getting involved with something that is supposed to be like a snowball effect. Several people contribute a little and the snowball gets bigger. My higher self reminded me that snow melts…

A while back I was talking to a good friend and he said my son was a lot like me. He said the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree. Hmmm… For the life of me, I can’t even find the resemblance except for appearance… I have mulled what he said over in my mind and realize he knows me well but knows very little about my son. Possibly because of our determination to get what we want, which has been somewhat interesting. But with my son, it seems if he can’t have what he wants, he does nothing. If I complain about how he does something, he does nothing. So, I just ignore him the best I can and give advice when he asks. I think possibly one of my issues is if I don’t have the tools (or whatever) to complete a task and do it well, I don’t even start. I don’t like half-doing anything or starting something I can’t finish. There are many things I can do well from start to finish. But then again, weeding and mowing is a season-long work in progress. Hmmm… Life, in general, is a work in progress.

So, with less than $20 to my name, no income, two months behind in utilities, and not being able to find a job… They are going to leave which is another story in itself. I spent several thousand dollars since they have been here, of which partly wasn’t mine to spend.

Oh yes… I am supposed to be thankful and be on a new spiritual journey. That is still onward and upward and has been a great experience. We all go through issues and have hills and valleys we have to face. I read somewhere if you don’t answer your calling, you will get dragged through life. Of all the positive affirmations I have listed to, the being thankful for everything, meditation, and so on, that still pops into my head. Sometimes we feel we are doing all we can to stay positive and raise our vibration but then others come into our life that brings negative situations. Maybe we feel their negativity affects our positivity. Maybe it is an excuse we use not to accomplish what we need to get done. Maybe we have to be all the way down to appreciate our blessings. Maybe we have to be all the way down in order to surrender and actually ask for help. Our ego has to be put aside to realize our great potential. After all, we are spiritual beings living a human experience not the other way around.

Personally, I think waiting for others to do what they are supposed to, when they are quite capable, has been a serious waste of my time and energy. No amount of praying, meditating, being positive and so on will accomplish anything unless you (I) take the first step in the right direction. Once you take that first step, the Universe (God and the rest of the divine beings) will be right there behind you, in front of you, and all around you to guide and direct you in whatever you are doing. Your hearts desires are also their hearts desires for you. You have to “order, thank, and believe.” You have to provide the physical part of the work and “commit to you”.

As I am writing this, I am waiting for a friend to come by with a load of feed so I can go to his house to unload it for him. He just had hernia surgery and can’t lift anything that heavy yet. Ummm… I have been waiting for him for several hours and it is almost 3:30. I have things to do that I am putting off doing. OK, so he isn’t capable right now and I go to his farm early every evening and help with his chores. This is a little different than waiting for people who are fully capable. But still, waiting interferes with what I need to do like taking a nap. Waiting is very tiring you know.

I went outside to take a few photos for this post which led to me pulling a few weeds. Then I went back inside and finished the post without taking additional photos. I took photos on Sunday but have yet to write a post to go along with them. I am waiting…

Until next time, be safe, be well, stay positive and always be thankful for your blessings and of life around you.

12 comments on “Homo neglectus…

  1. Jim R says:

    That post was quite a journey. You have some challenges facing you.

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  2. debbie lansdown says:

    Hi Rooster
    I was really glad when I came to the bit that said they are moving on. When you have a routine that suits you and it’s disrupted it really does make life tricky. With older people, like your dad (my mum) ,they like routine and can fit in around us AND we were raised by them. The young, your son (my nephews) are another matter .. life is changing so fast now that they are often so different to us. Not just in what they do but how they grasp the idea of living life even. It seems like it’s a big divide to reach across from both sides – Tbh it squeezes my lemon!
    Anyway I too am way behind with the garden. I have 2/3 of an acre and just doing the bit round the house. The rest is a woodland jungle. I lost control of it when mum was ill & cannot get on top of it again. Neighbours moaned on Sunday! (Nicely)
    My plan is to stop worrying about it this year & write off this season – get help to cut right back late autumn and start with a nice clean sheet next year
    I’m spending lots of time at the nursing home, working like mad and now I have to go to have dental treatment! What a year it is turning out to be
    I really miss the pleasure of tending my own garden
    – doing other people’s is really great as jobs go and I am so lucky but its different to doing your own
    I think I need to rebalance -it will mean I have less money but 1 day a week in my garden will really help ……Writing this is helping me decide 🙂
    Anyway look after yourself and I hope something turns up, 🤞🏻

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    • Hello Debbie! It is very true we get in a routine we don’t like being disrupted. I wrote a lot and deleted it. 🙂 I know what you mean about getting behind and thinking it is best to start with a new plan the next spring. It was one thing after another in the beginning then it got too hot to want to do anything after I had already been in the heat digging and spraying thistles. Your neighbors should understand that you have a full plate and are spending a lot of time with your mother. Life can take us on unexpected journeys sometimes, but we have to face challenges head-on and do the best we can. It doesn’t matter what others think because they aren’t in our position. It seems writing does help us figure things out because it is like opening up our heart. Take care and thanks for the comment!


  3. Its amazing what answers you can find to fix problems with YouTube… Lovely to see a post from you today Mr R…
    Take care of you..

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  4. Jim R says:

    Waiting IS very tiring. I know. 🙂

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  5. bittster says:

    One of the best things about gardening is you can have a fresh start each spring. I wish life could be as easy, I guess you have to make your own spring.
    I was a little off my get-up and go last year, so not much got done. One of the things was that all the rain kept the grass coming and coming and all I seemed to be doing was weeding and mowing every time I got myself up and outside. After a while it just seemed like a lot of work and not much progress. I let the lawn go and ignored the weeds and it all worked out eventually. This year I’m only putting energy into things which make a difference and keep the garden moving forward. Tree planting, mulching, lower maint. ground covers and shrubs. I need things to take care of themselves a little more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Frank! Sounds like we have some of the same experiences and thinking. Well, since we are gardeners I suppose that is normal. 🙂 My get up and go didn’t come this spring after the mower broke down (the first time) and the tiller threw a rod. My son came with promises to help which didn’t happen. But, all is well. 🙂 Here’s to us and tomorrow! I better save that for a post title. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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