TOP 10 Likes & Dislikes + Being Thankful

Hello folks! I hope this post finds you all doing well. I am seemingly at a loss for ideas to write about this time of the year. So a few times I have followed the suggestion of fellow bloggers. This time it appears Mr. Jim Ruebush of “HOW I SEE IT” has made another suggestion…

I mentioned getting stuck was on my top ten list of things I don’t like in the last post. Then, in his comment, he asked if I could fill out the list of top ten things I didn’t like. We both agreed it would be interesting to see the list of other people as well… Then Debbie agreed a top ten list would make a great post.

However….  What would a top ten list of things we don’t like without a list of what we do like?  You need to follow negative thoughts with 1-3 positive thoughts that relate to the same thing. 

For example… “I hate it when I am in a hurry and my boot string breaks.” Followed by “I love my Redwings Boots. I like having spare shoestrings on hand.” Or maybe, “It’s a good thing the strings are long enough so I can just tie a knot in the string.”

Now, what can I say positive about poison ivy? That would be tough except it wouldn’t have to be about poison ivy. It could be about a vine or a vine that turns red in the fall. Well, I’ll just stick with the fall color because I am not particularly fond of any vines…


POISON IVY-leaves turn red in the fall

THORNS-Jim also mentioned in his comment his dislike for thorns. The one reason I don’t plant Roses is because of their thorns and having to prune them. Blackberry bushes are the same. But I do enjoy the flowers and I am thankful for the berries. 

JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE-But I do like the flowers and the hummingbirds like them, too.

GETTING STUCK-Thankful for having experience and being careful NOT to get stuck.

FLAT TIRES-Hmmm… This recently happened on a gravel road out of the blue. I put on the mini spare and it was also flat. It has not ever been used and the car is a 1996 Buick. But, I was thankful that my best friend lived close so I walked to his house We brought his air tank, aired up the flat and I drove to town and had it repaired (then bought new tires). 

DEAD BATTERIES-But I am thankful for the battery charger. 

LOCKING MY KEYS IN THE CAR-GEEZ! Thankful for coat hangers and the fact the driver window doesn’t close all the way. I am thankful I have only done this a few times.

LOCKING MYSELF OUT OF THE HOUSE-Thankful there is at least one “secret way” to get inside. Thankful I have only done this three times and weird why it happened at all.

RUNNING OUT OF SOMETHING I FORGOT TO REPLACE-Thankful I can do without until I go shopping again. Doing without shows us we can live without certain things. It also helps us to remember next time or to make a list.

MOLES, VOLES, RATS, AND MICE-The only thing I can think of is the opposite. Not having moles, voles, rats, and mice. Using poisons isn’t always a good thing, but if there are mice or rats in the chicken house… Guess what? I use a bait called Tomcat. It works very well. I have been tempted to use it in the garden for the voles, but I have been told that wouldn’t be a good idea. I have no idea why… When I moved back here in 2013, I went to the chicken house one night and it was ALIVE! I told dad there were a lot of mice in the chicken house and he said the cats would get them. Well, there were a couple of holes in the foundation of the chicken house and the cats did sit outside waiting. But, to say there were a lot of mice was a complete understatement. Dad was 82 at the time so how long had it been since he was in the chicken house at night… After a couple of years, I couldn’t take it anymore. I bought a package of Tomcat from the feed store. In three days there were no more mice… Chicken feed consumption went down by around half. 

A couple of months ago I saw a piece of bait outside by the feed room door. I thought that was pretty weird… I opened the door and “HOLY CRAP!” A rat had been very busy and had dirt piled up about 2 feet high (I am not exaggerating). Just think of the hole under the chicken house floor… I had ran out of Tomcat so I went right to the feed store for more. Problem is, it doesn’t work as well on rats. It took a couple of days. Then a week or so ago, another rat was trying to move in. I have not seen a rat, or any evidence of any, for many years until this year. 

GETTING STUNG-For the most part, bees and wasps are beneficial and harmless. BUT, there are members that have bipolar disorder that are so territorial and protective of their nests they will chase you down the street. For those, I am thankful for wasp killer. Not just any old rinky-dink spray, I am talking about the cans that can shoot 20 feet away.

BEING SHOCKED BY ACCIDENT BY THE ELECTRIC FENCE-Sometimes I touch an electric fence to see if t is working so I get just a tingle. There have been times when I have accidentally touched it and the results have been mind-blowing. It was like a shotgun going off in my head. It made me wonder if all my memory had been erased. I am thankful we do have electric fences good fences in general, though. Well, I think this is one of those times when you say positive affirmations in the hope of having better fences in the future and won’t need to use electric. Electric fences are OK, but they need to be maintained. You have to make sure the deer haven’t screwed them up every day or so. Even though the “local” deer know where the electric fences are, dad always said that deer that are new here don’t know. I think they can see the current that we can’t although I am not sure. Sometimes they get spooked and pay no attention to where they are going. Just think about it… How many times have you ran into a closed door during the night, or stumped your toe on a table leg that has always been there? 

PLANTS DYING-I hate it when a new plant dies, or even one I have had for a long time. But, I am thankful for the plants that always do well. I am thankful for having had the experience with the ones that have died. I am thankful that there are so many plants to choose from and for the ones I haven’t met yet.

WINTER (cold, snow, frost, freezes, ETC…)-OK, so I am just going to say winter in general. Even though I close to hate winter, I have rather enjoyed the “S” this year for some whacky reason. I must have slipped a cog… Hmmm… Maybe it is the stillness on a winter’s night. I realize if you live in the city or a neighborhood where there is never a quiet moment you may not experience this. If you live in the country there is nothing quite like the stillness of the night during the winter. Especially when there are a few inches of snow on the ground. So, I am thankful that winter only lasts part of the year. I am thankful that maybe some of the Japanese Beetle grubs won’t make it through the winter. Plus all the other insects pests that feed on plant leaves. I AM thankful for the opportunity to live in a tropical climate. 

CLEANING HOUSE AND DUSTING-I don’t like cleaning house or dusting but I don’t like a messy house or dust even more. Therefore, once in a while I do have to clean. Especially when company will be coming. So, I am thankful for company once a month or so…

WEEDS-The age-old “what is a weed” statement has been overused. How about, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I have a lot of “weeds” because to me they aren’t weeds. Well, I suppose that completely depends on where they are growing and what they are. There are many “weeds” growing in the pasture along with wildflowers. Ragweed, Ironweed, and Jimsonweed are weeds because their names say so. In my opinion, any plant that is invasive and not useful as a pollinator or food for wildlife and/or growing where it doesn’t belong is a weed. Jimsonweed is a beautiful plant, but not in the garden (or the pasture for that matter). BUT… I am thankful for trimmers, mowers, and being able to pull them up.

DECEPTION AND BEING LIED TO-Believing something that we have been taught is true all our lives only to find out it isn’t true (or at least the way we have been taught). But, when you find out the way it really is, it a very liberating experience. Then you find out the endless opportunities and how AMAZING life really is… “The truth will set you free, and when you are free, you are free indeed.”

NOT BEING ABLE TO PAY OFF DEBTS-Have you ever made debts thinking you could pay them off as long as “this or that” happens”. A series of unfortunate events happened a couple of times in my life which left me unable to pay off a few debts. Not big debts necessarily… Not to mention “other” debts that keep growing you can’t seem to do anything about… GEEZ! The positive thing is that we learn by our mistakes and hopefully won’t repeat them.

CAMERA BATTERY DYING-I am thankful to have electricity and a charger.

Ummm… I think that is more than 10. If you stop to think about it, there are a lot of little annoyances we have to deal with. So many things are avoidable and we learn to “maintain” our lives so we don’t have to deal with them. Like running out of clean clothes so you won’t have to wear dirty socks for a week. You just have to buy more socks or maybe do laundry more often. I try to have as many shirts as socks so I will run out at the same time. I have two pair of jeans, one stays clean while the others get dirtier all week. Keep at least one extra of everything you use and run out of frequently. 


Well, this one is a little tricky and not necessarily in order…

MAKING CONTACT… I could write a long paragraph about that, but those “who know” know what I am talking about. 

Ummm… I can’t mention the second thing.

A plant flowering for the first time.

Finding new plants.


Good movies.

Watching the birds.

Comments on my blog and blogging.

Experiencing new things. 



Hearing the birds in the morning. Being able to buy birdseed so they will also be thankful.

A well-groomed lawn… Not necessary my ard for the past few years.

Gardening. There are many reasons I enjoy gardening.


Trying something for the first time and it works.

Good friends.

Talking walks in the woods or on the farm.


Feeling good.

My new mattress. AHHHH YYYYEEEESSSS! I recently bought a hybrid mattress on eBay. It came rolled up in a box, 10″ springs plus foam and all. That was quite an experience in itself. I placed it on the old box springs, careful to make sure it would jump in the right direction. You can imagine what happened as I started cutting the plastic wrap… Yeah, that’s what happened in a split second… 🙂 I was thinking about making a post about this and I should have set up the camera and taken a video. Anyway, the mattress is great!

Of course my iMac and camera.

Smiles and laughter.

I better stop there or you will think I can’t count… There are so many things I like and enjoy I just can’t even begin to write them all down. I (we) have so much to be thankful for. 

I was reading a few days ago that we should name three things we are thankful for each morning before we get out of bed. So, I do this every morning. 

Every night when I go to bed I give thanks. This is a good idea whether you thank God, the Universe, The Creator of All, Mother and Father God, the Archangels, or whoever you choose to give thanks to. I am not so sure it really makes any difference at first who you thank. Just saying thank you can make a big difference. You should say “thank you” for any little thing that comes along as well as the big things.

You can give thanks for the air you breath, fresh water, good food, your vehicle, the birds, the sky, the sun, your healthy body, your taste buds, your hands, your feet, the plants, the flowers, the moon and stars, your eyes, your ears, your job, the money to pay bills, your friends and family. All the good things you enjoy you should be thankful for. Even if you don’t say “thank you God”, just say thank you… After all, who is God anyway? OK, don’t get me started on that one. That would NOT be a good item for a post for someone with a research disorder… I would take you all the way back to the Sumerian Tablets. Hmmm… 

I just deleted the next paragraph…

I do have questions about a few things that I am STILL working on. Things I just don’t understand. It isn’t right not to know the answers to all our questions. In fact, we have the right to know. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t know. It is your life, it is my life. We need to embrace life and all it’s awesomeness and with all our awesomeness. We are spiritual beings with energy that connects to everything. This is a scientific fact. Not mere words… There are many things that we are told we aren’t supposed to do that we are supposed to do. Things we are told there are no answers to that there are answers to. If you have been brought up as a Christian you have fallen through a funnel and into a bottle. Well, I have crawled out of the bottle. Now I call myself a “Progressive Christian.”

I don’t know why people are sick and suffer through life. I just don’t understand… To be perfectly fine one day and the next miserable. I have known many perfectly healthy people that have died or now has cancer. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!? I have read a lot about cancer and watched The Truth About Cancer series. I understand but I don’t understand either.

One thing that really bugs me, and I hate to bring it up… We make people live when they want to die, or need to be able to make the choice. I am not heartless, but if I were born a quadriplegic and couldn’t feed myself… What quality of life would I have? Quality of life… We are body, soul (mind), and spirit. When your body dies your spirit moves on (one way or another-LOL!!!)!!! I say one way or another because it depends on what you believe and I am not going to argue with you. You can believe what you want, but like I always say, “THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT.” So, in reality, we are a spirit living in a borrowed body. So, does your spirit want to live in a broken body? I better stop there, but this could be a really good topic for discussion. How do we make a decision for someone else? After all, one of the greatest scientists of all time was quadriplegic…

One thing I have been doing lately is taking several courses on DailyOM. My thanks to Masha (A Sweeter Life) for sharing the website with me. 

I have watched a lot of documentaries on and some of the recent discoveries would really amaze you. From the scientific community, through archeology and spiritually. It is all coming together. We are finding out many answers about our hidden past, things we weren’t supposed to find out and how it sometimes relates to our future. Science has come a long way just by asking “who are we?” It is like the Universe is answering. It’s pretty amazing! There are also a lot of very good documentaries on YouTube. Just be aware that some people have different opinions and some are a little whacky. 

OK, I better end this post or I will never finish. I do hope you comment and even maybe post about your opinions on your blog. Everyone has thoughts on many subjects… The spoken (and written) word is very powerful.

So, what else are we going to talk about? You name it, I’ll post it. 🙂 Within reason, of course.

Until next time, be safe, stay positive, take a good deep breath, and always be thankful.

15 comments on “TOP 10 Likes & Dislikes + Being Thankful

  1. debbie lansdown says:

    I do like that you contexted each dislike with some more positive thoughts – a nice & happy post.
    I did think I would struggle to find 10 dislikes myself but some of yours were inspirational! Reminded me of things that happened in the past – like when I locked my keys in my company car, that had the best locks on the planet, 200 miles from home in pouring rain: phone and money & jumper & coat IN the car. AA man & police could not get in the car 😓Also flat tyres! yes very bad – my top 2 reveal that for me cars are obviously very useful but nevertheless a source of stress!
    I also would have to put rats 🐀 in their own super category as they invaded my attic after the neighbours got chickens and didn’t do the right stuff. 1in particular was not happy making loads of noise in the roof but joined us in the house at night. The cat was scared stiff. This rat jumped at me as I tried to drive it out. It was fearless. It was an ongoing siege for several nights, ultimately the king rat was vanquished with … the vacuum cleaner. Exterminators cleared & sealed the roof – it was a drama though. Mice voles & moles surely are just a little annoying? maybe cute??
    As a gardener, weeds are the best thing on the planet for me & in my Top 10 as they allow me to earn a living now outside doing a job I really love at last. Lots of your likes are definitely on my top 10 but a missing for me is the sea – I do like to be close to the ocean.
    The question of insisting people live on when they personally feel they don’t want to any longer is really vexatious. As you say Steven Hawking is the proof that a valuable & full life can still be lived. I guess it’s about how positive that person feels about it. But that is a movable feast – some days it’s too much & others are better. Maybe that’s partly why in general we are reticent to let people go. My mum is 99 and cannot easily get about – her mind is in great shape – she is positive & inquisitive but she is trapped in the house. She misses my dad so much & she says she wants to die on occasion. But twice when she has had episodes – a stroke & so on, it has revealed that her desire to live is actually very strong – confusing … I wish I could do more to make her life more satisfying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Debbie! Locking the keys in the car used to be much easier than now. Many newer cars don’t even have keys but you have to carry the key fob with you. Your rat story reminds me of when Dr. Skinner and I moved into the mansion in Mississippi. It sounded like there was a herd of wild horses the attic at night. Interesting about the big rat and the vacuum cleaner. I would like to hear more about that one. 🙂 I have no comment on mice and voles being cute…

      Not long ago I was eating at a restaurant with my sister and niece and there was this guy in a wheelchair. He had no control of his body except that he could eat. The lady with him, maybe his mother, had to feed him and wipe his mouth. He may have been in his 20’s. We were maybe 20’ away from them, and out of the packed restaurant he chose me to watch while he was eating. It is almost as if our spirits were communicating. I could tell he wasn’t happy to be in his condition and he did not like being a burden to his family. But, what could he do? Physically and mentally he was not aware of what he could do.

      On another note, there is a lady from church that is 104. She was still living at home, preparing her own meals and driving her car when she was 100. Then, she ailed her vision test when she went to renew her license so she had to stop driving her car. After that, she had a kidney infection and moved to the nursing home in town. She seemed perfectly content and a man from church picked her up every Sunday to bring her to church. A couple weeks ago she was found basically unconscious in her bed. She had another kidney infection and then passed away on Wednesday. Her husband passed away in 2001. She had 12 grandchildren, 30 great grandchildren, and 26 great-great grandchildren.

      It is so great to know someone who has lived such a long, healthy, and amazing life. It is hard to say how some people can become ill then snap out of it. I guess, like you said, their desire to live is strong.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I can see that you have had plenty of time to think. Some interesting thought. Enjoy your weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jim R says:

    Now I need to work on my lists. Coming soon to a blog near you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. vw1212 says:

    Hey thanks for your post. Feeling under the weather and I can’t help but laugh…thank you…vw


  5. Masha says:

    Well I have to first say thank you for mentioning me here, I’m really happy to share and happy that you like Daily OM, I’ve taken several courses and loved each one of them. You make me laugh, and I can relate to flat tire, dead battery, locking my keys in the car, been there and not fun although I’ve never locked myself out of the house. LOL I also have a gratitude practice that I do every day, “Just saying thank you can make a big difference.” so true. Meister Eckhart said “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Great post, thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Masha! I think there are a few very important things we can do that will lead to a happier life. One is gratitude and another is being positive. Greet everyone with a smile and be polite. There are very few people that won’t treat you the same in return. Repeating positive affirmations throughout the day instead of thinking about the negative aspects also has great benefit. A little gratitude goes a long way for sure. Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. What an awesome post! My favorite was the story of your rat. We don’t have rats but mice in the basement. I have a pantry down there and a mouse ate through a pasta bag, carried almost the entire pound through two rooms piece by piece and somehow squeeze into one of my Christmas storage containers that had a lid! My granddaughter was helping me put up Christmas decorations and she said “Grandma, why do you have pasta in here…hahahaha Well we got that mouse back in December. 5 days ago I found pasta in my laundry room. Went to check my pantry and sure enough a big hole and about 1/4 of the pasta gone. Traps are set and waiting to get this one! 🤞

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Diane! A couple of years ago we had a mouse get in the house. I think we had 14 cats at the time so it was strange how it managed to get in the house. It took 2 weeks to catch it. Glad you liked the post and thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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