Ummmmmmmm…. 8″ PLUS!

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you all well. It started raining yesterday morning and the forecast didn’t look good. The forecast said a total accumulation of 3-8 inches by the time it was going to stop snowing. It is about 2 PM on Saturday when I am writing this post and it is just barely snowing.

The above photo was taken at 12:44 AM Saturday morning and there was 4 1/4″ on the porch railing.


There was not a sound. It is so neat how calm is it while it is snowing. The wind was barely blowing and the temperature was around 30° F. This was is very wet and heavy snow.


I got up a little after 4 AM and looked out the back door. I saw what appeared to be lightning. I went and got the camera and looked out the door on the north side of the house. Then there was a green flash but it wasn’t lightning. I took another photo just as it flashed again followed by a buzz. Apparently, a limb fell on a power line or something.  I called the power company but was put on hold because of high call volume. Then I saw two pickups from the power company turning down the street across the road.


When I got up again about 8:30 AM I saw what hap happened during the night. I went and got the ruler and there was 8″ of snow on the porch railing. GEEZ! The cats weren’t on the back porch and there was still a little cat food in their pans.


Hmmm… The top broke out of the pear tree. It isn’t an edible pear, maybe a Bradford Pear or something.


The tree was damaged several years before and there are usually a few limbs that break off during the winter.


Actually, it will look better now without that limb that was taller than the rest. Natural pruning.


I don’t think I will be doing any potting today…


The maple trees stand up pretty well under a load of snow.


One of the maples in the front yard.




Even the yews along the house are full of snow…


I guess I have to admit the trees look pretty neat covered with snow.


Apparently, the cats are in the barn. I saw one of the fuzzy tomcats in front of the barn earlier but he did not come to the house. The short-haired tom eventually came to the house and ate a little then ran back to the barn. I went out and made a path for them to come to the house and saw there was no snow along the barn Susie finally went up the path and came to the house.


That’s what happens with Chinese Elms…


Well, this doesn’t look so neat…


The power line going to the chicken house had stretched all the way to the ground because a few limbs fell on it. I removed the limbs which helped a little. Luckily the line didn’t break.



Fortunately, I did not lose power but I am sure many did. I messaged my daughter who lives in Springfield (about 2 hours south) and she said they just have rain. This is a wet snow and temps will be in the low 30’s for a few days. It is melting and a lot of the snow has already fallen from the trees and power lines. There is still a little more snow and freezing drizzle in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow but it is supposed to warm up into the 40’s next week.


On a brighter note… The Alocasia ‘Mayan Mask’ I have in the bedroom has decided to flower. I believe it is this plant’s first flower. I kept a few Alocasia upstairs this winter while the rest are in the basement.


The Schlumbergera truncata I picked up from Wagler’s Greenhouse is also now LOADED with buds. This one will have peach-colored flowers.

I will have to admit, this snow does look nice. I cannot believe I said that!!!

Until next time, be safe and stay positive!

15 comments on “Ummmmmmmm…. 8″ PLUS!

  1. katechiconi says:

    Stay safe, Lonnie. Everyone is getting such extreme weather right now, all over the world.

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  2. Debbie says:

    Yes…The snow looks amazing! Such beautiful atmospheric pictures. The dark ones are best I can almost hear how silent it was, if you get me. I love that deadening of noise that makes it seem like Narnia
    I also love the ‘natural pruning’ of the pear tree. we think our gardening ministrations are so vital but it seems just about everything can get done by Mother Nature somehow with minimal effort!
    A perfect amount of snow there I think unlike the poor folks in Austria who had something like 3m in 48 hours – OMG can you imagine
    We have totally boring weather here – in fact I have been working on the rockery all week and tomorrow will add the final dressing of gravel. It’s actually a poor old rockery because it’s half clay based soil & in shade (inherited) so it’s actually rocks on a slope with low growing plants! -but I have tarted it up at least. 👍🏻
    I’m actually supposed to be revising for my February horticulture exams so even digging the worst rockery in the world is better than that 🤣
    Next week I’m going to an exhibition on the historical gardens in Nineveh of Ashshurbanipal Assyrian king from 668 BC – Should be interesting
    Hope you are doing ok & going out to make the most of the snow -(with the camera!)

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    • Hello Debbie! The yard light in the back yard helps with the nighttime photos otherwise they wouldn’t come out so good. Mother nature may not be as selective at pruning as us humans are and then sometimes we have to clean up the mess. I am sure when grandpa planted the elms in the chicken yard he wasn’t expecting them to be such a future problem.

      I can’t imagine so much snow as some areas get, although I experienced a lot when I lived in Minnesota. One winter was more than enough. At least without snow you can enjoy getting outside and work on the rockery. I bet it looks AWESOME!

      Visiting the gardens of ‘ol Ashshurbanipal sounds like a great trip. Don’t forget to take photos! Maybe you can do a guest post on my blog. 🙂

      I only went out for a little while in the snow. I need to get more bird seed now. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


  3. Jim R says:

    What a mess for you. Heavy wet snow really breaks limbs. You have your work cut out for you now. We got 4.5” here with more to our south. It wasn’t heavy wet stuff either. Easy to blow off the drive.

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    • Hello Jim! Oh yeah, it is nice and heavy and ill add a lot of moisture when it melts. The temperature and everything was just right. Winter is far from over so I am sure you will get plenty of snow by the time spring gets here. Are you prepared? Thanks for the comment!


  4. Vicki says:

    I think the snow-covered landscape looks wonderful (but then I don’t live in a snowy winter zone). I daresay it might be quite scary if a tree limb broke off when you were walking under the tree. I guess you have to try and walk in the open part of the fields if you go out.

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    • Hello Vicki! The snow does look nice, even though I hate to admit it. Usually, most of the damage occurs during the night when the temps are the coldest and the snow isn’t melting. I was in an ice storm one year and it was a real disaster. I lived in a heavily wooded area with HUGE old oak trees that were devastated. You could hear the limbs breaking all around during the night and in the day. When I drove to town, there hardly any trees that didn’t have damage. Thanks for the comment!

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  5. Jean Molnar says:

    Your pics were beautiful . Enjoy. ! I moved south east and sometimes miss those days .

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    • Hello Jean! I haven’t been a fan of snow since I was a kid, but a snow like this does look nice. I lived in Mississippi for a few years and we barely had one light snow during the winter. I kind of liked that. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


  6. What beautiful pictures but natures way of pruning makes so much work for us! I’m glad you didn’t lose your power! Stay safe.

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  7. Lovely to look at, but I’m happy we don’t have snow like this. 🙂

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