Begonias and Sedum adolphii Repotted

Begonias ‘Sophie Cecile’, ‘Fannie Moser’, ‘Frosty’ and the unknown, plus the Sedum adolphii re-potted…

Hello again already! I finally re-potted the other four Begonias early this evening. When I was bringing the Begonias to the back porch, Sedum adolphii yelled out, “WHAT ABOUT ME? YOU HAVE PROMISED ALL SUMMER!”


Sedum adolphii in its new pot…

Sedum adolphii has watched me take plants and bring them back in new pots and potting soil all summer. I promised him during the winter I would give it a new pot and soil if it survived the winter and did better this summer.  Well, he has done much better so today I gave him a new pot and fresh potting soil. I call this plant he because adolphii sounds like a man’s name.

Sedum adolphii (Golden Sedum) was named by Raymond-Hamet in 1812 and is a native of Mexico. I believe the species was named after Adolphe-Théodore Brongniart. He was a French botanist and scientist and one of the founders of modern paleobotany. He also helped prove that pollen existed. Hmmm…

If you find plants similar to this labeled Sedum nussbaumerianum, it is this plant. That name is a synonym of Sedum adolphii… The industry markets a lot of plants under the incorrect name.

That’s all for now. The cactus and succulent updates are coming up next I think. Until then, stay well, be safe, and enjoy all the nature around you. As always, GET DIRTY!

6 comments on “Begonias and Sedum adolphii Repotted

  1. Pixydeb says:

    So happy for Sedum adolphii ! It’s good to keep your promises! And indeed it was worth the wait as he has a swanky azure pot!
    About How big is the she spider? 🕷 That 1st pic is a really good one! Really like to see your insects there

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Pixydeb! I went out to measure the spider but it is sprinkling a little and she is working on her web. Just guessing, I would say she is around 3 1/2-4″ long when she is all stretched out. She is pretty large but the bigger one last year was a bit larger. I think the Sedum adolphii is going to like his new pot. He seems happy now and is smiling. 🙂 So, you want to see more bugs? When I was mowing off the garden last week a HUGE Praying Mantis flew on a fence post! Of course, I didn’t have the camera. Thanks for the comment as always!


  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I bet the angels all liked receiving new pots and soil too. Adolphii is a handsome plant. I bet he puffs up with his new digs.

    Liked by 1 person

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