Adromischus cristatus’s New Baby AND…

Adromischus cristatus-KEY LIME PIE

Hello Folks! I hope this post finds you well. We had several very cold days but now it feels like spring. I just wanted to share a few photos with you and see how everyone is doing.

You know, sometimes winter can be a worrisome time if you grow succulents. The temptation to water when we shouldn’t can drive one to madness! The Adromischus cristatus has been driving me crazy all winter because it looked so good before. Now it has shrunk to a fraction to what it was a few months ago. Many leaves have fallen off and the ones that are left are very small when they were twice that size. This is our first winter together but the Espostoa melanostele (Peruvian Old Lady Cactus) behind it assures me that she is OK. She is just dormant.

Adromischus cristatus‘s new baby.

Then yesterday I noticed something new… SHE HAS A BABY!!! So, I guess the Peruvian Old Lady is right. I just have to continue to resist the temptation to water it. It has been growing those brown hairs, too.


Cereus hildmannianus subsp. uruguayanas-FAIRY CASTLES

This one has been weird, too. For a long time it has been kind of pale to the point I thought it was dying but it has continued to grow because I measured it. The crickets have taken several bites out of it which I am sure it hasn’t been happy about. NOW I see there is actually new growth! I have been wondering what would happen if I spray some fertilizer on it… Maybe the darn thing will turn a darker green. Maybe it needs a dose of “the good stuff”. 🙂


Echinopsis cv. ‘Rainbow Bursts’

Of course the Echinopsis cv. ‘Rainbow Bursts’ is just as happy as ever. Even more so since her identity crisis has been solved. She was worried that she was going to continue her life with everyone thinking she was an intergenetic hybrid. She always knew but no one would listen!

Faucaria tigrina-TIGER JAWS

The Faucaria tigrina was amazing and felt much better after she burst forth with a couple of flowers earlier. She thought it was a burst of energy but I thought it was a rather slow process. Well, earlier this week she told me she was thirsty so I told her I would give her a little. The soil was pretty dry and had kind of separated from the sides of the pot so the water was just running down the side. I squeezed her pot a little to crumble the soil then realized she had to much water. Then I put her in more sun in my bedroom and removed her from the pot so she could dry out. She looked at me like I lost my mind. She said, “All I asked for was a little water.”


xGasteraloe ‘Flow’

The xGasteralow ‘Flow’ kids are doing very well and will need to be repotted this spring. I will probably just transfer the whole clump to a larger pot.


Kalanchoe daigremontana-MOTHER-OF-THOUSANDS

The mother of many has been worried I would neglect her under the table. She says, “Out of sight, out of mind.” I told her that she wasn’t out of sight and I could see her very well. I gave her a nice drink. She now producing a few new babies. Remember, this girl is weird. Her leaves aren’t really leaves or so she says…


Soleirolia soleirolii-BABY TEARS

The Baby Toes has been completely crazy! My sister bought a new one this past summer because hers apparently died. SO, when they were leaving, I asked for a piece. If looks could kill I wouldn’t be here today. She finally said OK. The last time she was here, I took my plant to show her what it was doing and she said, “I didn’t know you had a Baby Tears. Where did you get that?” GEEZ!!! I guess I am off the hook!

I thought it was a succulent, but it definitely is not. The leaves look kind of Sedumey and I originally thought this couldn’t be a Baby Toes. What did I know, I never had one before. Where was I? Oh yeah. I had taken the “break-off” and just sit it on some potting soil so the stem could scab over (like you need to do with succulents) and it started rooting in no time all along the stem. Instead of inserting the end into the soil, I just put a little on top in a tiny. Then it just started growing and growing like it had already been. It needed water every couple of days. This past week I decided to get a larger pot and just wrap the whole thing in a circle around the pot. All that was on one long stem! Hybernating ants in the little pot didn’t think it was a good idea…


Tephrocuctus articulatus var. papyracanthus-PAPER SPINE CACTUS

The Tehprocactus articulatus var. papyracanthus is a great plant to get friends and family to think you are a cactus expert. Just knowing the name and how to pronounce it is quite a challenge. When this guy is dormant you will think it is dying. Next thing you know, it will start growing babies. Hmmm… Maybe it is a she. It assures me that it is not a he or a she but an “it”. HOLY CRAP!

Well, I better go for now. I get stumped at the end of the post and never know how to close. I guess for sure, I want everyone to stay well, take care, be prosperous and thankful. OH, and for sure GET DIRTY!

17 comments on “Adromischus cristatus’s New Baby AND…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I. Enjoy. Your. Post. On. All. These. Plants.


    • HA!!! Darlene, you are definitely not anonymous! You are the only person I know who’s phone leaves a period behind every word. Folks, Darlene is a very good friend and used to be our neighbor. As always, thanks for reading the post via Facebook and thanks for the comment!


  2. Jim R says:

    My mom had a kolanchoe when I was young. It had babies all over the place. It was a fascinating plant.


  3. robertcday says:

    I have a cactus that’s about three inches tall and lives on the kitchen window ledge. It’s been with me for several decades – at least three when I think about it. It’s only brown on the top edge – the rest of it is brown. It’s been like that for at least a decade. Should I be worried? The other two – in separate pots are green all over – but they are only about 20 years old. I treat them all the same.
    Like this article. Hope you’re having a great day.


  4. Its always exciting when plants reproduce and new life springs into being. 🙂 We gardeners feel like proud parents as we nurture them on to maturity .. 🙂
    A wonderful collection of succulents you have, 🙂 I meant to say in your last post when seeing the Aloe-Vera plant I keep mine in the bathroom.. I find it likes the steam and It has lots of babies I will be planting on come spring.. 🙂
    Have a wonderful week, and I hope now your weather is warming slightly you can get more things done in your garden..
    It will be next month before we start planting any seeds. 🙂


    • Sue, maybe as a man I am not supposed to admit to being a proud parent. We kind of keep it to ourselves for the most part. As a gardener, it is a “good moment” when we see progress and our seedlings come to life and out plants produce offsets and new leaves. Interesting about the Aloe liking the steam. They are an odd sort that surprisingly like things that you wouldn’t think a succulent would. The only thing about my succulent collection is that I need MORE! The weather is weird, warm and cold. I know there will still be plenty of cold days to come but I enjoy the warmer, sunny days when we are blessed with them. Looking forward to your posts about your seed planting! Take care and thanks for the comment as always!

      Liked by 1 person

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