I was sound asleep Tuesday morning when dad opened the bedroom door to tell me that a new calf was born. He said it was on the other side of the electric fence and hadn’t sucked yet. Now, for those of you who don’t know, it is important that a new baby gets milk right away because it contains colostrum. I am not going to go into the details of colostrum, though. So, I got up, got dressed, grabbed my camera and headed out the door… Without my morning coffee.

The cow had her calf next to the lot we store our hay. Apparently, after a good licking, the calf stood up and took it’s first steps in the wrong direction. If you have ever been around a new born calf you know that usually happens. They can’t see very well and they are very wobbly when they are first learning to walk. Actually is is an amazing sight to watch a gift of life come to life. Dad had watched from the porch as the whole process took place and he said the calf just went toward the electric fence and walked right under it. Then it was exhausted and laid down and went to sleep…

SO, knowing one of two things were going to happen, I stepped over the fence and walked behind the calf. One thing that could have happened is the calf could have gotten startled by my approach and ran farther out into the hay lot. Luckily, it chose the best option and just laid there looking at me. SO, I walked up to it and started petting and talking to it. All calves LOVE to be rubbed behind their ears.

I knew getting the calf up and expecting it to walk under the fence was going to be impossible, so I had to pick the and slide it under the fence. First I raised the fence up as high as I could because I didn’t want to give it another shock… I figured that is why it laid down just a few feet from the fence instead of turning around and going back. Every calf learns about the electric fence and this one learned early. Picking up a new born calf isn’t as easy as you might think… They actually are heavier than they look, covered in slime, and they won’t stand up. SO, when I tried picking it up it kept’s sliding out of my arms and wanted to lay back down.

Once I got it slid under the fence mom was in my face. She is one of the gentler older cows so she isn’t crazy. Protective, yes, and it makes you wonder. Once the calf stood up I checked and saw it was another heifer.

This calf could NOT figure out where to suck… It kept turning around and walking toward me or sucking on the cows neck. I push her in the right direction, even tried holding her head next to the udder. This was getting nowhere so I decided I needed to get them farther away from the fence. That wasn’t easy either. Do you say, “OK, mom, you need to go over there a little farther.” You would think as old as she is she would understand English. But, that isn’t how it works. I tried pushing the cow backwards but she pushed toward me. SO, I got a stick I had left over by the gate and that she understood. FINALLY…

it found a tit!!! Can I say tit on here? OH, I’m sorry, maybe I am supposed to say teat… Mom always called them “dinners”.

SO, after a few more minutes I went back to the house, made my coffee and posted the last post. Then I posted this one two days late. Maybe the next one will be posted right after I take photos We’ll see.

Well, that’s it for now. Take care, be healthy, happy and prospers. Have a great day or a good evening, depending on when you are reading this post. As always, GET DIRTY!!!



8 comments on “#4 IS A HEIFER!

  1. Jim R says:

    A few steps in the wrong direction can get you in a mess of trouble. Good thing dad was watching and let you know.


  2. Excellent…a job well done, sometimes we all need a ‘little help from our friends’. We’ve certainly had to help a calf or lamb find its way on occasion…a good feeling when it’s a simple fix! Your late morning coffee was well earned!


    • We have been very fortunate the past several years. No problems. You just never know, though, especially with heifers. Sometimes they have no idea what to do and you have to clean the calf off so it can breathe. A couple of years ago a heifer wouldn’t let the calf suck for a while. Thanks for the comment!

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  3. Hey there! Glad to see you back. I feel like it’s been years. Hope you’re doing alright. Not a whole lot has changed on my island. Still blogging 😉


    • Hello there! Yes, I am back and I am happy to see you still blogging. Even though it all seems the same just remember every day is a new day. Lots of things change every day. Thanks for the comment! Looking forward to your posts!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. oneta hayes says:

    I see you were over at my place today and left a like on Simple Pleasures. Glad you left a track so I could come visit you. I enjoyed this mom and calf piece. Come again.


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