One evening I was searching for something on YouTube and ran across a video about the Sumerian tablets. That was very interesting. Then I watched “Forbidden History of the Sumerians.” That was pretty wild. I watched other videos about the Sumerian’s and their history.  Then I watched videos about the Pyramids and the Annunaki. I like real history and some of this makes a lot of sense especially when there is so much proof.

Now, folks, I am a Christian, and whether or not humans are the product of the Annunaki, I will still be a Christian. I am not into conspiracy theories or craziness that the government is going to do this or that to the people, such as population control, put us into camps or whatever. To me, that is just nuts. But what is interesting is how they explain things they don’t want us to know or the steps they take to keep us from knowing.

I could put a lot of links on here to some of the most interesting videos I have watched, but there are so many. One of the most interesting was the video I watched about the pyramids was titled “Ancient Pyramids Proof That Recorded History is Wrong.”

That video was very interesting but it does last a long time. There are pyramids, in some form or another, in many counties throughout the world and where they are would really surprise you. How old they are would also surprise you. Should you choose to watch this video, you won’t regret it but it will get you to wondering. The video is mainly about the pyramid, not in Egypt, but in Bosnia. What they discovered will amaze you. It was also very interesting what they went through to be able to work on this Pyramid.

Ummm… There are over 200 in the United States, the biggest being in Illinois. It is as large as the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Supposedly we are told it was built by the Mississippian’s, you know, the Mound Dwellers. Folks, I lived in Mississippi and my home was less than a mile from a few of these mounds. There used to be a lot more throughout the area and many were torn down by farmers. They were certainly not pyramids and were indeed the burial place of past chiefs. In Egypt, we are told, the Pyramids are where the Pharaoh’s are buried. Well, that is not always the case if at all. Guards were paid and archeologists went inside, took photos, etc. They were amazed to find they were empty. Just watch this video and you will see some amazing proof…

OH, I better stop before I get started on what is in Africa. But I do hope you watch the video about the pyramids. I am sure you will enjoy it and at times you may even be on the edge of your seat.

Have a great and enjoyable day or evening.


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